Gnomeo and Juliet: a review


This week marked William Shakespeare’s birthday and were he alive today we would be trying to fit a whopping 450 candles on his cake. In that time we have seen numerous versions of his plays. We’ve seen furry Hamlets, white Othello’s and Macbeths on motorcycles but today I’m going to be talking about one of the more unusual ones, an animated version kids movie with a score by Elton John. I guess they figured it worked out quite well last time.

Gnomeo and Juliet transposes the classic love story to modern English life and centres around two gardens of gnomes, lovingly animated in cgi, who come to life when humans aren’t around. If this sounds a bit Disney Pixar to you then it should be noted that they held the rights to this movie until they were pretty much tossed out in 2007. I imagine the scene was similar to when you wake up after a night out and look through your amazon order list to find out you’ve just purchased a boat. Continue reading

Justice League War


Justice League War is the newest animated movie from DC and based on the new Justice league origins the first storyline from the new Justice league series set in the new 52 continuity. As can be gathered from my review thus far this is new, brand new, so new you’re liable to cut yourself on the plastic wrapping and yet just like buying that new set of scissors and launching into it with teeth and claws it feels somewhat old. Just to clarify before we continue I will be focusing on the movie here and not the comic but of course some commentary on the new 52 is to be expected.

While DC has had a rather lousy run in live action the animated department has so far been quite good with a mix of adaptations of old graphic novels and brand new stories. However this one marks a change in the proceedings. Like in the comics this movie follows on from the flashpoint storyline where the universe was rewritten and already there are promises for a follow up with the throne of Atlantis storyline. In fact even the upcoming son of batman movie will carry Jason O’Mara over as Bruce Wayne so if we’re going to be putting up with this League of Justice for a while let’s see what they’re like. Continue reading