Solitaire board games


With the recent rise in popularity of board and general table top games there has come something spoken of in hushed tones in the corner of game rooms, a subject that will have the magic the gathering nerds laughing in derision and Warhammer geeks guffawing. Solitaire table top games can take many forms with many big box games offering a solo variant and others having solo rules dreamt up by the social outcasts craving human contact from the recesses of boardgamegeek and then finally there are the small solo only games that are creeping into what should be a sociable and friendly hobby. But why do people play them and should we burn them at the stake or dunk them in the fish pond and see if they float or sink first? Continue reading


Son of Batman (2014): a review


Son of Batman is the latest DC animated feature and follows on tangentially from the last outing Justice League: War, by which I mean it shares one actor and the same art style. By all accounts this is part of the new shared universe that DC is trying to build with its animated movies but seen as how the next will be set in the Arkham Asylum universe, acting as a prequel to the games, let’s not read too much into this. In fact the movie stands well enough on its own and personally stands better as a random Batman movie than as part of this new universe for much the same reason as  the idea of Damian does in the comics. Now normally I would apply the same rules to this review as to the last and focus only on the movie at hand instead of blathering on about reams and reams of back issues and annuals but I think this one is relevant and prevalent of much bigger issues in the new 52.

For those who don’t know the whole “new 52” thing was DC’s idea to reinvent their whole line. Every hero and villain was taken back and launched fresh with the idea being that the likes of Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and so forth have been operating for a maximum of five years. Now this was fine for DC’s less popular lines as they could be wiped away without too much worry. However the Green Lantern books had just undergone a massive, very popular, storyline that reworked a lot of what we knew about the Lanterns and Batman is well Batman so both of those lines were untouched for fear of disturbing the pair of golden geese. Brining that back to this movie, this means that Batman who has been around for five years tops at this point now has a twelve year old son born by one of his enemies. These kind of temporal and logical inconsistencies are still being ironed out in the comics but it shall be interesting to see what is done in the movies in future if anything. Continue reading

Miles Morales Ultimate Spiderman issue 1: a review or why we can have a black Johnny Storm but not a black Nicky Fury


I planned to talk today about the new issue of Ultimate Spiderman launching this week and give my thoughts and opinions on it and yet as they have now announced the casting of Storm senior in the latest Fantastic Four movie and reawakened the race talk I believe I need to give my opinion on this. Fortunately I believe I can combine the two topics into one ham fisted blog post so here I go. Continue reading

Cards Against Humanity: a review


Launched in 1999 this game was fun and simple to pick up, one person draws a card from the deck on the table and the rest of the of the players try to find the best match from their own hands leading to many hilarious and unexpected combinations. It soon found its way onto many players shelves and was brought out at many a party and used to fill the gap between the bigger much more serious fare. The game I am talking about is called apples to apples and fell onto hard times around 2008 when a new game hit the scene called ‘Say Anything’. The basic premise remained the same but the players were no longer beholden to the cards in their hand but instead had to rely on their own wit and intuition as the centre card was turned over, the best question selected and the race to scribble down your answer began.

This is a small little anecdote in no way related to the game I shall be reviewing today called ‘Cards against Humanity’. Continue reading