Who is Missy: Doctor who S8:E11 Dark Water



Okay I wasn’t planning on doing another update today and I certainly wasn’t planning on reviewing the latest episode of Doctor Who. In fact the plan was to wait till next week, review the whole thing as a whole, moan about the usually over complicated and generally unsatisfying ending Moffat has given us and call it a day. Maybe with a link to the Christmas trailer.

However at the end of part one we have found out the identity of Missy and seen as how it will temporarily break the internet and certainly derail any review I put up next week I thought it best to get some words out on the matter now. Now there are a few things to mention first:

Number one is, spoiler. Duh

Number two, is that quite a few people have already guessed it which is what I guess we can expect when Moffat tries to do a twist that works rather than getting too far up itself.

And finally number three is spoiler. Duh. Now I know I’ve said it twice but it’s so important I thought it was worth repeating.


Okay, I’ve given you enough chance to look away now. Missy is ‘The Master’.

The first way this will break the internet is through nerd rage of a timelord changing gender. Now I’m going to try avoid bogging this down in obscure knowledge from some dodgy episode of Doctor Who when they still spent their days chasing each other through quarries and riding little yellow cars. Thus my first point of call shall be Christopher Eccleston and his regeneration scene.

“ I might never make sense again! I might have two heads, or no head. Imagine me with no head, ha! And don’t say that’s an improvement… But it’s a bit dodgy, this process. You never know what you’re going to end up with.”

Already we’ve established that the Doctor can end up with anything, heck he could come back as a gelatinous cube though I don’t think the beeb has the budget.

Second is the smuggled in Matt Smith quote from ‘The Doctor’s wife’

“The mark of The Corsair. Fantastic bloke. He had that snake as a tattoo in every regeneration. Didn’t feel like himself unless he had that tattoo. Or herself a couple of times.” Okay so now that that is out of the way lets tackle where every nerd is fearing this could lead us.

Pretty much everyone since Eccleston has had one major complaint levied against them and that is once more the timelord has wound up as a hetro, white man. But that’s because he always has been, timelords can’t change gender I mean nobody pays attention to obscure little quotes like I just mentioned right. Well if they didn’t, now they will. Now everyone will know with regeneration you really don’t know what you’re going to get.

The argument I am going to put forward next is honestly not my own so I shall put up the link. But the gist is that there has been a reason behind every Doctor since Russel T Davies brought it back. The first Doctor had to be cool, action packed and thus we get Eccleston. Then when he left the next most important thing to get across was that we like the Doctor thus we got the most likeable and certainly most emotional Doctor since the show has returned. The next thing to get across is that the Doctor is weird, off the wall, absent minded and thus we got Smith. There was only one more piece of the puzzle to go and that was the fact the Doctor was old. Oh sure we’d heard the Doctor was old but now we can see it. Once all these pieces have fallen into place we have an image of the Doctor complete not just in the mind of the nerds but pretty much everyone in the world. Now that we have established who the Doctor is you can cast anyone. Old, young. Black, white. Male, female. Though personally they should keep the part British at least. Now that the Master has switched to sitting side saddle it looks like this theory might just be true or at least some version of it.

The other way this revelation will break the internet is the Foe Yay shippers who having put together tonight’s revelation with all that Missy has said this season and the way she greeted the Doctor tonight has left a lot of people rushing for their bunks. For those who don’t know Foe Yay is seen when to enemies hate each other so much that it must be love. Tennant and Simm generated a lot of this, probably due to Tennant’s overly emotional nature. While I don’t have a problem with the Master switching sides this removal of any subtext in the foe-yay is something I am not in favour of. Hints here and there are fine but outright having the Master hump his leg will not be a fun back and forth to watch and I think will turn a few shippers off.

So in conclusion, Missy is the Master. Changing gender is fine and possibly great if it leads to more diversity in the show and its cast but dial back the romantic over tones please if we’re going to run with this for any length of time.

Oh and just one more thing

A few people might feel the need to point out that the Master was trapped on Galifrey last time we saw him. Now I don’t know if they are going to tell us how he got off planet but just to drag up obscure Doctor Who trivia. There was a series put out by big finish, I believe before the show came back. In truth there were many but the one I am concerned with was a what-if’s style run where each instalment asked what would have happened if something had changed. ‘Exile’ asked what would have happened if the Doctor had escaped the time lords justice at the end of his second life and instead of facing their judgement had upped and gone into hiding. This meant committing suicide, literally. For Time Lords, in this audio series at least, this meant something quite interesting for it seems that when a Time Lord ends their own life, when they regenerate they change gender. Now I am not going to hold the new series to this obscure bit of trivia in an audio adventure that isn’t even meant to be in the main time line but you never know.

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