Christmas Schedule


Growing up, one of the best things about Christmas was going through the t.v guide to mark off what you wanted to watch with a felt tip pen. So my gift to you this year will be to try and recreate that by giving you a list of what I’m going to be putting out this Holiday season. Each of these should be a review covering comics, podcasts, movies and games except for the IMO’s where I shall get to give you my well rounded, balanced and nuanced opinion about so many things in life. If you want to get ahead please do so an come back and give everyone your thoughts on the festive selection. Please note that all times will be going off GMT and give me a bit of leeway to work the technology.

18- 16:00 Justice League 3000

19-23:00 Not all Superheroines are Blackbirds or why Hollywood isn’t sexist just greedy and lazy

20-09:00 Assault on Arkham

21-20:00 Way of the warrior

22-13:00 Thrilling adventure hour

23-23:00 Ghostbusters 3. reboot?

24-23:30 Rare exports

25-18:15 Doctor Who Solitare story game

26-14:00 Ani

27-12:30 The Last Ring Bearer

28-12:30 Hard Times in Dragon City

29-9:00 Witches

30-23:00 Everything wrong with Peter Jackson’s ‘The Hobbit’ Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

31-23:59 New Years Resolutions

01-11:00 Organ Trail

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