What Is Justice League 3000


Justice League 3000

Back in whenever, DC comics(which is like typing atm machine when you think about it, though perhaps the best way to quickly establish which DC  we’re on about and not have people think Superman is in the White House. Except when he is)the whole history of Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman was reset and rebuilt from the ground up to be cooler, grittier and less complicated. Except where things were going well which they just skipped over for fear of trying to fix what wasn’t broke. This meant that everyone was a tortured douche, but they didn’t wear their underwear on the outside anymore, you know that thing everyone had stopped making fun of ages ago. Anyway the new 52 has been plodding along ever since with fans loving the twists and turns and people who don’t like it predicting it’s collapse any day now with a heartfelt apology from DC and a return to how things used to be.

One of the comics launched in this run was a series called Justice League 3000 which set out to turn the Justice League into a group of angry, tortured douches with the twist being that they are now running around in the year 3000. Here an alien force known as the five has taken over half the known universe and are stopped from taking over the other half only by Cadmus. However Cadmus is loosing the fight and they need help soon, big help.

Thus we find ourselves following a group called the Justice League. It is formed by Wonder Woman, Superman, Batman, the Flash and Green Lantern. Only they aren’t quite right. Wonder Woman has been missing consistent characterisation in ages so the blood thirsty nature of her might escape a few peoples notice, Batman is said to be a bit lighter than the grim dark knight but seen as how they’re constantly fighting one foe or another it’s kind of hard to tell. The Flash and GL have both had a redesign but meh. In fact the big one is Superman who is not only missing half his powers (along with his undies) but is an egotistical douche who spends his time trying to get Wonder Woman in the sack and threatening to smack down Bruce Wayne for daring to get in his way.

Cadmus say they have defrosted the JL to help them but none of the members seem sure and each of them has memories of some huge disaster that they can’t remember getting out of. Skip ahead a few issues and we find out why. Turns out Cadmus watched a few episodes of Batman Beyond and created their own superheros when none were willing to step forward. It just turns out that they hadn’t got the process quite right perhaps due to the base they used for their super hero cheesecake. However it looks like they’re not going to get another chance as the five are intrigued by the heroes back from the grave and are putting things on the offensive.

The enemies the League face are an intriguing mix of childish gods, omnipotent computers and mind controlling mad men who are more than a match for the team leading to some good twists and turns thus far such as the fate of Flash at the hands of Locus or her attraction to GL who is promptly separated from the group until he returns her “love” and while he has managed to escape anyone picking up the latest issue may notice one small problem he ran into.

A lot of people have been complaining about the direction the DC Universe has taken of late and on first glance this series seems to be more of the same with sexism and violence abound. However once you spend a few issues with them you realise that this is kind of the point. This isn’t the Justice League they’re just the best the Universe has at the time and I can’t help but wonder if there is some satire of the more mainstream books going on, this is Giffen and DeMatteis after all a pair known for not taking pretty much anything too seriously.

The Universe we find ourselves in is personally great with each world we’ve visited feeling different and unique enough to warrant a book on each. The characters are a mixed bag with some under developed and others treading that thin line between parody and just being the thing itself but even Superman looks to be learning to change, all be it very slowly.

Now to get into spoiler territory. The five are bested by the end of issue ten but that doesn’t mean the series is over as it does something that ‘Earth 2’ should have done a long while ago and is now spending a few issues to actually show the characters and let us get to know them while the villains build up for a bigger offensive. Thus while ‘Earth 2’ is currently a rolling stone with a good pace but a constant sense of danger that it could hit a snag and go bouncing off killing hundreds, Justice League 3000 seems to be setting a good pace and looking to the future.

Thankfully due to the series being set in 31st century it has remained unconnected to the big crossovers and companywide special issue that have plagued some of the other titles making this a great self-contained little book, even if you’ve never really read comics before. After all it doesn’t really matter if you don’t know who Superman is if he doesn’t have too much of a clue himself. The series is good thus far but I think I’d need something more to bump it into my recommend pile for you people.

Something like bringing back the partnership of blue and gold maybe……



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