New Year’s Resolution 2015


Okay so it’s been about nine months since I started this blog and I’ve managed to cover video games, books, comics and t.v shows and right now I realise that I need to do something more. I managed to step up over Christmas with a good schedule that I managed somehow to stick too. While I don’t intend to do that again any time soon I hope to go a few steps beyond. So far this has been a passive blog and I don’t think that will do. After all what is New Year if not a time to make resolutions that you wouldn’t do in your right state of mind. Now I’m not going to start making predictions right off the bat because there’s every chance that I’m not going to see it through. However I want to get it out now simply because you should see a few new things straight away and there is every chance that some months could be quieter than others as I try and get things into motion that are a little bigger than can be handled in the typical week or two run time.

I also say this because I want to ask something of you the reader and that is that if you see something you like please hit the like, share and comment buttons. Now I know that this is typically only done to feed the blogger ego and this time is not really any different. However my excuse would be that it will help me figure out what people are actually reading and what they are enjoying. What people want me to shut up about and what people want to see more of.

For now though I intend to use the new start of a new year with all the hope and promise that comes with to look at some of the new starts that fell flat on their face. But with luck that won’t be all you see.

So for now I’m going to sign off and wish everyone a happy new year and remember…


                                                                                                  ….You’re gonna carry that weight 




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