What is Midnight Chronicles?




It is the third age and a terrible evil has been cast from the heavens, he has since gathered an army of orcs and likewise and marched against the free people. Though they have bested him in the past this time someone misplaced the Hobbits and thus evil has won. This last sentence is about the only thing that separates this from any other fantasy realm but to be honest what a way to separate them. Midnight Chronicles takes place in the dark age after evil has won and hope lies in pieces. Based upon the short lived ‘Midnight’ setting for the dungeons and dragons roleplaying system this movie was done and ready for us only two years before Game of Thrones hit our screens, so it can’t be that bad, right?

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What is the week that was January 25th 2015


This was the week where

The studios want to resurrect an old franchise that made money once

Rich people have more money than poor people

Parents try to minimise the cost of children’s parties

Feminists win, then loose

Men don’t enjoy going shopping for clothes

And people might not respect Wonder Woman as the lead female superhero

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What is Rewind (pilot)?



The short answer is that Rewind is a mish-mash of quantum leap and sliders along with a very small dash of Stargate all run through the Star Trek episode Year of Hell and I suppose if you are going to borrow a plot from Voyager you might as well go for one of the few good ones. It was also the pilot for a potential TV series and as the series was passed on it is thus just another direct to syfy movie starring a lot of people you get the feeling you may have seen somewhere else, about a time travelling group going back to change the past to change the future. The long answer, well that’s….

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What is Super Clyde?



Super Hero shows are big bucks these days but each of them walk a fine line balancing the realistic and fantastical, the dark and gritty and the light and fun. Super Clyde could have answered each of these with something you might not have expected. It is perhaps the most realistic superhero show ever to grace the world and also one of the most funny and warm hearted to boot. At least they wouldn’t have had to worry about putting the budget for special effects after they spent it on the star of some of the biggest movies of the past age and Stephen Fry.

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What is the week that was for 11th January 2015


Of course the big news this week was the Charlie Hebdo attacks in Paris but I don’t think, as someone who spends their time online discussing the various spidermen in Marvels latest overpriced crossover, I’m really fit to be discussing that. So instead we’re going to look at…

Idiots handle terrorist attacks,

Child hood actors go off the rails,

America wants to white wash a pointless remake of a foreign film,

Sony thinks more superhero movies are called for,

Scottish people go missing,

Film company thinks splitting a movie into multiple parts might make more money,

And an upcoming film gets a trailer to promote it.

This is the week that was.

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What is Fables of Forgotten things?



In this adventure Paul McGann, with the aid of his young companion, must travel around helping random people and combatting strange dark forces with a few simple tools. There is no knowing how long he has been going or exactly all that he has seen but there is certainly one foe he has butted heads with more than once and fought hard to thwart their dark and evil schemes. No of course it’s not Doctor Who, didn’t you read the title?

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