What is Lookwell?



Adam west is doing quite well at the moment, playing a washed up screen chewing actor in various less than excellent adventures. He is still hanging around the bat-cave via video games and cartoons. He is reaching new audiences via the smash hit ‘Family Guy’ and plodding along in his very own comic book. But this phoenix act could have happened a lot earlier if Lookwell had anything to say of it.

Hitting screens in ’91 Lookwell would have seen West play a washed up middle class actor, though to demonstrate his acting capabilities this time a washed up actor from a cop show. Though there seems to a slight running joke over which character was which on the show. It’s not that good and it’s a shame the show has to wheel it out at least three times in such a short show.

The episode opens with West, or should that be Ty Lookwell, in a leather jacket and a terrible wig; auditioning for Happy Days the next generation. Unfortunately he isn’t picked and must take the car he rented out for the occasion back to the lot where he stumbles across the plot. It turns out that people are stealing from such lots across town, all it takes is one of those casual conversations from a random person in the next scene for a spark to fly and an idea to form in his head. With this notion he heads on down to the police station to offer his help. For some reason they choose not to take it but this doesn’t dissuade him and he soon has most of his acting class roped in, in a series of hair brained schemes every time he thinks he may just have the case cracked. This involves a series of outlandish disguises a few crass jokes and a couple of leaps on logic on his part.

Now the show is written by Robert Smigel who is best known for SNL and ‘Don’t mess with the Zohan’ and Conan O’Brien who is best known for well being Conan O’Brien giving you an idea of the humor quality of the show and West is very good at playing the same character he plays in pretty much everything else and these are perhaps the two notable parts as everyone else isn’t so much bad as merely present. This is worst for the acting class positioned around Teacher West who I hope would be up for rotation should the show have ever gone to air.

There are a number of nice moments in the episode such as West using 18 years worth of back episodes for his acting classes tying them into productions of Shakespeare who also manages to show up as the Bruce to Lookwell’s Spiderman.


Mind you it’s defiantly better than the last time a statue of Shakespeare showed up on here.

I won’t spoil the ending for you just in case you want to watch but needless to say West isn’t that helpful but the day is indeed saved and we end with West telling the force that if they need him again, here’s his headshot.

Truth be told I wonder if this would have worked for any decent length as a series. The ego would have grated before too long and the difficulty of balancing such incompetence with catching the crook would have proved tricky. That isn’t too say it doesn’t show promise just that this works more of a concept than a decent first episode. But don’t take my word for it, see for yourself.


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