What is Super Clyde?



Super Hero shows are big bucks these days but each of them walk a fine line balancing the realistic and fantastical, the dark and gritty and the light and fun. Super Clyde could have answered each of these with something you might not have expected. It is perhaps the most realistic superhero show ever to grace the world and also one of the most funny and warm hearted to boot. At least they wouldn’t have had to worry about putting the budget for special effects after they spent it on the star of some of the biggest movies of the past age and Stephen Fry.

The episode starts with Rupert Grint’s American accent which along with busses would form the kryptonite to his Superman.


Like all good Super heroes his parents are dead meaning that a young Clyde, his sister and Brother must move in with their eccentric uncle Bill, perpetual wallet looser and silly putty inventor. While uncle Bill is left to dance and drive Grint reads classic nineties DC, though marvel does get a name drop, and struggles to get on the bus each day, prompting a long walk home from school. His brother can be summed up as the brain dead jock and his sister can best be summed up as fat. That might seem cruel but to be fair it’s the only side to their characters we see. In fact his sister gets lypo half way through probably because they ran out of humorous ways to show her stuffing her face in the background while Clyde frets and whines. Anyway just like the episode itself I am getting ahead of myself, needless to say their elderly uncle drops dead in a bowl of soup and leaves his entire fortune to a blind cat charity. With a roof above their head and money for food the three are left to fend for themselves. Fifteen years go by, Duke has sold off most of the stuff in the house, his sister is still fat and Clyde has got himself a burger flipping job downtown and a watch that doubles as a calculator.

It’s at this point that we find out that the cat glasses fund was a hoax and uncle Bill simply wanted to let the three children find themselves. Why he would put a fifteen year limit on finding themselves I don’t know. However now that each of them are rich Duke hires hula-hoopers off the internet to ogle, Faith get’s lypo as I’ve already mentioned and Clyde keeps flipping burgers all in an effort to stay close to Jolene. However they also hire back their uncles old butler Randolph played by Stephen Fry who gets most of the best lines in the episode, though Clyde isn’t too far behind.

Fry see’s how Clyde is handling the money with a dead pan delivery of Dr Giggles, his hand in a strange amount of makeup, and recounts how his uncle found happiness with the money. Uncle Bill would regularly “loose” wallets about town. When they were reported in he would go undercover to find the person and figure out the best way to reward them. For instance if on his stake-out their lawn mower would go he would replace it. In theory this means that if in trying to reward you and you happened to be hungry you might end up with a chippy while someone else who is about to get kicked out of their house might get a new home. Perhaps I’m just over thinking this though and being a bit too cynical about the whole thing. Anyway this inspires Clyde to try out the same thing.

His first case is a woman unable to put her kids to bed at night after taking three buses home from her super market job. However he isn’t so good at the staking out portion of the reward scheme and Clyde is soon spotted by three “woman who manage zuma three times a week”. This calls for an evac by Fry with a motorbike and side car though Grint questions whether he should be talking on the phone while driving.

There isn’t much else to the episode, mainly because there isn’t much too it to begin with. I suppose the intent was to set up the unusual plot before they got into detail of anything in particular but this means that you only remember the two who are going to steal the show anyway on account of being Ron Weasley and his narrator. Perhaps the idea was to seed the other characters now for fear that the plot would struggle to hold the series by itself for too long, such as the love interest and the sisters revenge on the people who picked on her in school.

It’s a shame the show wasn’t picked up as it definitely had a good few laughs, more than Lookwell anyway and at least double the amount of memorable characters. With the show turned down by the networks the creators have opted not to let their creation get lost in some Indiana Jones style warehouse and have kindly stuck the thing on line.

Though this should only be thus watched through the CBS website there is the usual trouble doing so and thus you can probably just go and watch it on the youtube


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