What is the week that was for 18-1-2015


This week in the week that was…..

A new sandwich shop opens

A successful t.v show thinks about spinning off

Students don’t like their teacher

Gamers might be sexist

A Popular Young Adult story will be getting a sequel

And politics is getting a bit silly

After hearing that the crazy Brits had dedicated an entire café dedicated to cereal the Irish have decided to go one better and set up shop around the ultimate student food, crisp butties. ‘Simply Crispy’ opened it’s doors on Monday and was already struggling to meet demand a few hours later.

crisp butty

Now I can imagine I have lost a few oversees readers so bear in mind that a crisp is what some of you would call a chip, but not what we would call a chip because everywhere already sells us chip butties. Now you might not have them in America but considering that you are still loosing your collective sh*t over a cappuccino with slightly less foam I can only guess what you would think. I mean following this through to its logical conclusion, with our bread and the Australians ability to market shoddy food products overseas how long until American Hipsters are talking about the joy of fairy bread.


Meanwhile a group of nine to ten year olds in New York have become so unsatisfied with their teacher that they decided to kill them. Strangely enough for children their weapon of choice was soap, now I could say how it would probably be the first time they had actually touched the stuff and joke about how only a child would think it was deadly enough to kill but unfortunately their teacher was actually deathly allergic to the stuff it turns out, hence the plot.

The group of students was eventually ratted out by one of their mothers, though it seems there are still some cool grownups in the world as another set apparently already knew but decided not to tell anyone about it. You know, kids will be kids eh?

Luckily the girls won’t face any charges as they got busted before they could seriously injure their teacher, because that’s how the law works now apparently.

In less depressing news, the much lauded t.v show ‘Arrow’, which has recently spun off into the semi-lauded t.v show ‘Flash’ will once more be spinning off once more with Vixen who will apparently handle the more supernatural side of the ‘Arrow’ universe with Barry handling science and Arrow handling, uh general crime? There is no word on casting as of yet though apparently both Stephen Amell and Grant Gustin have been lined up to appear. I’m hoping they can get Gina Torres back for what is currently planned as a six part origin story thus far. Oh yeah and did I forget to mention that it will be animated and online only.


Now I don’t want to call racism or sexism here, but with word bubbling at the moment of an Atom spin off with Brandon ‘stalker superman’ Routh it does a little suspect that the only woman of colour get’s stuck on the website as a cartoon. Normally I wouldn’t complain but with her launching as a cartoon first and foremost means that it will be hard to bring her over to the live action show in the future simply due to Flash and Arrow both recognising her, while what I assume will be most of the audience will not. Meanwhile if they launched her in the show first, even for just one episode and then told her backstory online it would leave the door open for her a bit more. I get that her powers will be hard to do live action and I get that this could draw in the gritty adult crowd to animation (no pun intended) but even so.

For those who don’t know Vixen is a model and superhero able to channel the abilities of animals so long as it is in the name of justice. She is a sometime member of the Justice League of America, the suicide squad and the Ultramarines, no not those ones.


Anyway, anyone who has been in a video game store recently will know that the industry is desperate to get you to buy little models as a way to expand on the game you’ve already bought. Spyro did it, Marvel did it and now Nintendo has done it with what they dub amiibos’. I don’t know much about them other than they give you new characters and abilities in game and a lot of junk to clutter up your house out of game. Though wallets may not feel so, they are a harmless enough way to collect your favourite characters and get something other than a cheap plastic novelty for the price. That is unless someone has decided they hate one of those characters so much that they will personally set out to buy all of them just so you can’t have them.


Rosalina, who debuted in Super Mario Galaxy and has since popped up in tennis and go-karting is set to come out in amiibo form this January, but Mr “Daily Dose’ has decided that she is such a poorly designed character that he can’t sit still for this. Having already apparently invested £2,600 in this venture and with another £23,000 ready to go the twenty-four year old will also go on to do the same for Lucina (from fire emblem), zero suit Samus (from Metroid) and Palutena (from Kid Icarus). Now I haven’t played, like any of these games but after spending two minutes on the internet I am of course an expert and I can not see any connection between these characters. Well other than the fact that they are all female. But of course that can not be it, can it?

The saddest part of all this for him is that we will probably just have another “Interview” on our hands. Had North Korea let the movie show, half a dozen people would have probably gone to see it, some would have laughed and the whole thing would have probably been forgotten in a few months. Now everyone has to see it because it is a matter of free speech and liberty. Had Mr Dose just let the model sell, it would have moved eventually and some fans would have been happy but now Nintendo is going to notice that the entire batch is gone before hitting the shelves and are going to be idiots not to get another batch ready to go before the paint can dry.

Remember people, if you are angry with someone don’t show your frustration by giving them a load of money.

Still at least it’s just idiots on the internet that are sexist, right?

Anti-feminist party stands in local election. 

Okay, so our political parties are a joke and when they’re not they’re the BNP, okay, don’t panic, we can fix this just nobody do anything to make the situation worse, oh too late.

As Al Murray the Pub Landlord stands against the BNP in the South Thanet election. Please note that it is not Al Murray running for election but his creation Al Murray the Pub Landlord, the exaggerated and often humorous caricature of a typical pup landlord. Some would say this is what British Politics need right now, to fight fire with fire and the reason you shouldn’t do that can be seen by chucking a lighter or box of matches into a burning house and telling people that you’re helping. People might think this is brilliant satire, holding a mirror up to the idocracy spreading through the political parties at the moment but I don’t think the population will see it that way. They will see a witty, loveable person they know and vote for them. When he starts getting votes the other parties, like Hollywood Blockbuster season will change to emulate, trying to tap into those too ambivalent to vote instead of finding out why and fixing it. But maybe I’ve just been watching too much Black mirror.

Still we’re getting a sequel to ‘Ready Player One’ so that’s something I guess.

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