What is Dice of Arkham?



Okay, now that we’ve figured out how to roll dice and assign them let’s try taking that up the mountains of madness, in the shadow over Innsmouth and most importantly try to Re-animate my last post on solitaire, print and play titles. In this game you play an intrepid investigator racing around the globe to stop an evil cult from resurrecting one of the old gods, an ancient evil from before mankind walked upright, whose return would begin an age of chaos and madness.

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What is the Cinema Snob Movie?



I’ve talked about internet reviewers before, poncey hipsters who are not at all like me and my blog. After all they have cameras and spend time editing. Anyway ever since “That Guy with the Glasses” hit it big and decided to do annual movies as an excuse to get all the “wacky” characters together every other internet personality has decided they needed their own hour and a half comedy epic. This goes for Brad Jones, aka ‘The Cinema Snob’ a man who distinguishes himself from all the other comedy movie reviewers by focuses on, porn and exploitation flicks. So how do you turn a guy staring into a camera for twenty minutes, with cut aways to licensed film scenes, into an over two hour movie?

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What is Galavant?



It used to be that musicals were reserved for television over the Christmas period, in order to give everyone a chance for a quick nap before opening the next bottle of sherry and having another go at the turkey, t.v shows that had gone on a bit too long and were stuck with a cast desperate to get a bit of variety on their c.v and Andrew Lloyd Webber. The same could be said for fairy tales.
Galavant aims to do both those thing, with a smile and a wink.

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What Is The Week That Was for 1-2-2015


This is the week where….

Superheroes fought injustice and hatred

Gotham manages to beat you round the with a villains future

Men don’t want women taking their jobs

Clones will have something to do with Star Wars

David Tennant will be in another geek franchise

George R R Martin won’t have a book out anytime soon

And a National treasure will be retiring

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