What Is The Week That Was for 1-2-2015


This is the week where….

Superheroes fought injustice and hatred

Gotham manages to beat you round the with a villains future

Men don’t want women taking their jobs

Clones will have something to do with Star Wars

David Tennant will be in another geek franchise

George R R Martin won’t have a book out anytime soon

And a National treasure will be retiring

Not content to put up white power posters America is now putting up anti-Muslim, anti-Jewish bus posters. Fortunately America will always a few proud, brave individuals who will stand up against such injustice. No not politicans or policemen. Superheroes. No not Superman or Captain America, Ms Marvel who I believe has currently had a grand total of ten issues and I don’t mean like Marvel style ten issues where they run a series for under a year and then jump back to issue one afraid of what might happen if they go past double digits, I mean actually ten issues, ever.

Kamala Khan is a shape changing inhuman and no I don’t mean that as an insult I mean she is actually connected to the inhumans a race of beings on the moon who… you know what just wait for the movie in a few years. Anyway I’m sure she had a bit of help what with being plastered across the posters telling us that just because you have the freedom of speech maybe you think before abusing it.

Ms Marvel

Meanwhile Gotham, perhaps the worst superhero t.v show on at the moment which considering the number of them is saying something, is apparently running low on Batman villains and is reduced to digging up the Dollmaker despite the fact that Arrow already did him like last year. Of course to ensure that the ‘Big Bang Theory’ Nerds will feel clever for “getting” the references we have to make him a bit more obvious, maybe a name change like to Dulmacher for instances.


Now I’ve spoken about the Ghostbusters reboot before, since then things have come to light like you know facts. So with word that we will be going ahead with an all female cast people have noticed that the cast is once again coming from SNL and that we have focused on getting talented funny people to stop the movie sliding deep into the scary, horror movie genre. Oh who am I kidding people are freaking out. For me this is just another Batfleck, where people are freaking out over the wrong thing. Now I’m not saying that Affleck shouldn’t be Batman just that maybe he isn’t a) my first choice and b) far from the biggest problem with the movie even if it is as bad as some people are saying. Now I’m not saying that Ghostbusters isn’t on track to be as big a train wreck as Batman v Superman: Dawn of the planet of the apes, but from the “pinch of salt” rumours I’ve heard so far we’re in for the most “origin” origin story ever. Of course if this does flop due to poor scripting I’m sure that people will recognise that and not simply write off female lead comedy movies.

But then what do you expect from a bunch of nerds, they should be like the rest of the adult world and embrace women taking over traditionally male roles. Like Libby Lane who became the first female bishop of the Church of England this week. During the ceremony when they were asked if any should object one reverend decided to shout “Not in the Bible”. I like to imagine he pulled up in his Alpha Romeo Spider and did the whole mad dash thing complete with banging on the window to get their attention. Now I’m not going to judge him and call out on his sexist bullshit mainly because it’s possible that he was talking about Bishop-hood in general and I don’t really care.

orphan black

Speaking of women in starring roles, word has begun to leak out that Tatiana Maslany has been cast in one of the stand alone Star Wars movies coming out to fill the year long gap between the actual Star Wars movies. Of course we don’t know who she will be playing or even what said movie will be about but after watching last season of Orphan Black there could well be a chance that she will be playing everyone. Heck it wouldn’t be the first female Han Solo.

Also in the world of nerd casting David Tennant has been cast in the Netflix series AKA Jessica Jones as ‘The Purple Man’. For those who don’t know ‘The Purple Man’ but are still in love Doctor number ten then I’m sure you’ll be fine. For those under age that are still in love with Doctor number ten maybe hold off watching it for a few years. In short he’s a bad guy who can make people do anything he wants. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaanything. I’ll be taking a closer look at Jessica Jones later on so hopefully I’ll be able to cover him in a bit more detail then.

In other news George RR Martin author of small fantasy hit ‘A song of Ice and Fire’ has announced that he has no announcements. That meaning that there is little chance of book six in 2015, meaning that we could end up with a five year wait between books. After the crying and suicides had died down the internet feel back on its old security blanket or conspiracy theories with some theorising that HBO could have paid him to hold off on the next book for fear of spoiling the end for their watchers. Meanwhile in actually sad news rather than the continuing lack of another book where everybody you love dies, Dippy the Diplodocus who has guarded the entrance to London’s Natural History Museum and welcomed old and young for what will end up being almost 140 years will be replaced by the welsh or a whale I wasn’t really paying attention.


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