What is unbeatable Squirrel Girl?


sg13 Fresh off an appearance in Lego Marvel and known across the Marvel Universe as The Avengers on call child care Squirrel Girl is going solo. Okay in truth she is probably better known as the gag character who has taken down gods, from Thanos to Doctor Doom and it’s on record that it was in fact Doctor Doom and not a Doom bot or something. Created in the Golden, silver, shoulder pad and pouch age of comic books by Steve Ditko and Will Murray, so the man who created Spiderman and the man who created, well Squirrel Girl. She was an assault on the grim grittiness of comic books at the time and has remained so ever since, most notably in her time on the Great Lakes Avengers (but that’s a story for another time). A good comedic and light character who has managed not be used to death and beyond by a comic book firm is major news in this day and age but with news that Doreen Green will be getting her own series are we only here to witness the end of the late great Squirrel Girl? squirrel The comic opens with an introduction to Squirrel Girl for those not up on their obscure Marvel characters. Fortunately seen as how intros to characters are boring and origin stories even more so we get her own theme song, which like anytime Marvel tries to do a theme song is just the classic Spiderman theme rewritten slightly. Still it’s a good a start as any and helps set the tone along with robbers arguing over whether it’s a purse or a satchel and being dealt with by an actual Kapow! sg It seems that Doreen has decided to move out of her secret apartment in order to attend the local college and be the best her she can be which involves studying computers aparantly. She opts for the classic comic book route of having a secret identity, unlike the MCU, which means that she has to find a way to hide the giant squirrel tail she has. You might think this would be a problem but fortuantly it’s nothing a good stretchy pair of leggings can’t fix leaving leaving her with a “whole lot of junk in that there trunksg14 This would get her some looks walking across campus on her first day if she wasn’t also carrying a towering pile of boxes with her “enhanced squirrel strength”. This is sets up two things for Squirrel girl and neither are really power related. The first is the attempts to hide the powers and superhero identity is played mostly for laughs, as is everything else in the book and the second is her personality, something that hasn’t really been let shine in her most of her books. Tomas the good looking freshman, when pointing this out, offers to help carry them for her after she subtly drops them and tells him she forgot how heavy they were. But does she let him despite the fact that she can do it herself all to lie and possibly spend time with a cute guy? Nope. Tomas seems to be a recurring love interest for Doreen and we haven’t really spent enough time with him to figure out if this is a good idea or not yet, instead we only see him through the eyes of the blushing awkward freshman Squirrel Girl. Unlike say her roommate Nancy Whitehead a sassy older sister type for Doreen who can be brought down by talk of Mew the cat and how adorably cute he is, yes he is, yes he is. This seems to be it for the cast at this point with an open door situation for the supervillains of other books to swing by for an issue and hang out before moving on. This is probably for the best in order to keep the book light and fun instead of turning into a YA, teen romance, relationship type thing. sg15 The villains themselves are turned up a little bit but don’t descend into parodies of themselves, Kraven is moping about being unable to catch Spiderman but struggling to define himself any other way, Whiplash wants to hurt Tony Stark, either physically or emotionally by physically taking out those he seems to care for and Galactus wants to eat planets. By alternating the power base she is going up against makes a big difference to the series, while one could be taken out by simply chucking him up in the air over and over again for all time another to well the great destroyer Galactus which required an issue just to figure out how to get to him in time. sg7 The stories are all connected but seem fairly small at the moment with Kraven getting one issue and Galactus picking up at the end of that all the way to issue four. All the while relationships are forming and building but I hope they stick to these short style runs in future. Right now we are up to issue four meaning that if you fancy jumping on board you don’t have much to catch up on and the quasi-continuity nature of the book means it should be able to keep running despite what mega-crossover super event happens. sg5 A good book for new comers wanting to avoid the more confusing aspects of such a long running universe while a good book for old fans looking for enough nods and winks to what has gone before. sg8


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