What is the week that was?


This week in the week that was;

Stephen Amell might be the best thing DC has at the moment,

A popular television show might be being brought back,

A popular, upper class British actor will be getting work in Hollywood,

Hollywood struggles to adapt a popular eighties cartoon,

Fox comes to the conclusion that they might have messed up X-men a bit too much,

A superhero gains a secret identity

As another looses it

All this and more in the week that was.


After standing up for his buddy the Flash when DC announced a few days later that they had a better shinier, sexier Flash for their movies, Stephen Amell (t.v’s Arrow) is now trying to help out another cape and cowl hero. Constantine the trench coat wearing, cigarette smoking, liverpudlian hero who recently got his own show cancelled has found a friend in Amell. Shouting out the hashtag, because that’s how we get stuff done apparently, Amell has now gone on record as stating that if someone were to pick up the show he would be happy to turn up and earn a nice pay check off them

In all seriousness I think Constantine could work for this tv-Dc-verse we’re building. He could kind of pick up the batman slack with Arrow now being front and centre. The loner, not really on the team and with no strong bonds except favours and back scratches he intends to one day collect. Despite how wide this ‘verse is casting its net with Supergirl and the new Legends of Tomorrow show coming soon they don’t really have anyone that would clash with the Hellblazer.

In other cancelled television news, popular british show Top Gear which was recently dropped when one of the stars punched a man in the face, for not getting him a steak after a hard day driving around in a fancy sports car, might be coming back, in more ways than one. The BBC is looking to put Gene Hunt in charge of a new line up for the show which will shock everyone by allowing a girl on the show and someone who rides motorbikes. I’m not sure the show will be the same with this new trio but I’m not sure that’s a bad thing either. Each of them have the chops with Glenister probably taking the Clarkson spot though interestingly probably being the least knowlegable about cars, or at least driving. Not that he’s a slouch in that department but if it’s anything like ‘For the love of cars’ over on “the other side” he does quite well at the everyman. Meanwhile the original stars are being courted by digital giant Netflix for a new show that will legally be distinct from Top Gear.


Meanwhile as Benedict Cumberbatch get’s every role going in Hollywood, probably when they couldn’t get Tom Hiddleston, it seems that fresh faced Eddie Redmayne may be stepping in to get the lead in something. Again probably because Cumberbund is too busy. Last seen making sure nobody took the piss out of him or complained about him donning a dress and heels for ‘The Danish Girl’ by playing the hamiest villain since Ming the merciless in ‘Jupiter Ascending’. Redmayne is currently up for the lead in the WB’s attempt to beat the Harry Potter horse for a few more galleons’, that’s the make believe money not the ships, with their up coming adaptation of Mythical Beasts and where to find them. A book mentioned briefly in Harry Potter itself before getting a limited release as part of Red Nose Day. Considering the size and contents of the book and the fact that this could be a duology we could have finally find something to beat ‘The Hobbit’ as the most over wrought, padded adaptation ever.

Still it could be worse as was seen when the trailer for the upcoming Jem and the Holograms hit the internet to a resounding, meh. Jem, known for being truly outrageous, it even says so in the opening credits, looks like a standard made for Disney channel movie that would be forgotten before the end of that particular lazy Sunday afternoon. I mean look at this, even ‘themarysue‘ is having a go at them, and they took down Whedon.tumblr_no9ji6HcZJ1qks3c7o1_1280


Let’s hope the other eighties property up for adaptation can do slightly better. Probably realising that they should have stuck with the whole fresh start of ‘First Class’ instead of trying to insist that they had a plan and thus tying it into the superhero trilogy that is looking worse and worse as time goes on, Fox could be putting the X-men down for a few years to focus on some of their other x-brands. X-force has been circling for a while now and now we have learnt that ‘The New Mutants’ has got a director lined up in the form of Josh ‘Teen romance movie’ Boone. There is little else to know about this as of yet but I am cautiously optimistic. In fact I was all set to do a ranty blogpost about how Fox should expand outward and use some of their other titles instead of just harping on about the X-men all the time. Presumably New Mutants was chosen because you can still stand a chance of selling that title, unlike the super nineties ‘Generation-X’.


Lastly in comic books this week, Superman after being outed as Clark Kent to the world by one time flame Lois ‘DC has no idea what to do with me now’ Lane is now stripped of his costume by his own house, thus explaining the jeans and t-shirt look we saw around the internet a while ago. What’s next? Is Krypto gonna come take a dump on his bed. It doesn’t help when his cousin is doing Superman better than he is going off her new trailer. Okay so it’s a bit generic female feel good movie-ish but tell me that doesn’t look more like Superman than anything from Man of Steel onwards.

Lastly, staying with exposed secret identities it turns out that the new Thor is actually Jane ‘Natalie ‘Queen ‘Black Swan’ Amidala’ Portman. Whether this means she could be picking up the hammer in future movie, presumably after Chris Hemsworth’s contract runs out, I mean he dies according to the plot, we shall have to wait and see.


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