What is Kung Fury?


Kung Fury

Take the eighties, distil it down into thirty one minutes add a thin veneer of cgi and a youtube release and that is Kung Fury. But maybe you want a bit more of a review than that, so that is what I shall try and give you.

Opening in Miami in 1985, we find a dark and cruel town where men are murdered for their boom boxes (that’s like an old i-pod you carried on your shoulder for you youngsters) we find trouble afoot when an arcade machine takes one to many kicks to the base and goes into a murderous berserker rage. This cabinet version of ‘Robot Unicorn’ goes on a finger flipping, car hurling rampage through downtown and there is only one man who can stop it, bandanna wearing action cop, Kung Fury. Arriving just in time to avoid the pooch being screwed the two engage in an over the top wire fu battle sequence that is interrupted by tape degradation.  Yes just like the recovered opening to hit nineties show ‘Game of Thrones’.

This tape is starting to show its age. Well not really. See while the film does have that old style quality which works well with the CGI and green screen to make you not question its quality and the “fuzziness on the tape” stops this fight from getting out of hand in terms of length or budget it is seen here and nowhere else.  While this gag could have grown rather old if over used it stands out a bit when we see it four times in the first two minutes and then never again. Surely it could have seen use as like a break between acts or something.

From here it’s a flash back to how Kung Fury became Kung Fury, which makes you question if this was just a lucky coincidence with his naming or the ultimate case of Nominative determinism in history.

This is the intro to the movie and the intro alone though this will have all tied in by the end, we right now cut to an intruder in our time Kung Fuher himself, Adolf Hitler. Who figures that the quickest way to become a Kung Fury is to kill a Kung Fury, like a Klingon bucking for a promotion.

Kung Fury4The sad thing is how many kids today won’t see anything wrong with the above picture, like a caveman running from a dinosaur.

This is the start of the movie proper after Hitler takes out most of the police department Kung Fury must hack his way into the past to stop the attack before it ever came. This sentence may not make much sense, but watching it doesn’t help that fact so don’t worry about it.

Kung Fury2


The rest of the movie goes along at such a break neck pace and with so many unexpected twists and turns that I would feel bad discussing it any further, though I will tell you to watch out for the slap fight near the end and the wonderfully choreographed side scrolling beat ‘em up level. The thing is no matter how silly it gets you go with it, at least if you’ve lasted this long. It never lags and it never flies past a good set piece or joke.

Available for free on youtube and for some reason on Steam – must be getting jealous of GOG- the movie is worth a watch for anyone who enjoys fun and hopefully the eighties. The whole thing knows how to play everything just straight enough for you to buy into it, from the acting to the tropes, from the loose cannon cop to the scantily clad women. It knows what it’s doing and knows just how hard it can press its tongue against its cheek without it ripping through and leaving you with a bloody mess.

Kung Fury3

Funded via kickstarter there is talk of a full movie in the pipeline and I will be kung fu fighting my way to the front of the line.


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