What will be in the DCMU?


After comic-con things are all a go in the world of the DC movie universe but some of the news has been lost in the fuss and some they are still trying to keep under wraps. So, so long as you don’t mind a spoiler or two let’s take a look at what will be happening in the world of the DCMU in the coming months and even years.


With DC reeling after getting trounced by the only other Adult rated Superhero movie since Watchmen it is has been revealed that they could be pulling out their Omega-13 level weapon early and releasing the soundtrack within the next few months. How will this help you ask? Well it seems that Will Smith will once more be adopting his real life alter-ego as The Fresh Prince to do the main theme. Sources say that like many things; adult rating, girls not just getting rescued but actually doing stuff, the suicide squad movie will be a testing ground for much of the DCMU to follow so if this works you can apparently expect other DC movies to follow suit. At the moment there seems to be some confusion as to whether this means Will Smith will be doing the theme for Justice League or if Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson will be doing the theme for Shazam. Who knows, maybe both.


Speaking of Suicide Squad the minds behind the DCMU are apparently laughing at the idea currently circling the interwebs that they would have the transformation from Harleen Quinzel to Harley Quinn be due to some horrific torture at the hands of the joker going off some of the clips at the end of the Suicide Squad trailer, thus effectively neutering her of what little agency she had though nicely making their female lead a more cuddly and sympathetic character for the mainstream audiences. Though what can we expect from a company that covered the Joker in gangster tattoos? Well brace yourself because apparently we haven’t seen the joker yet. It turns out that the Robin costume seen in the trailer does indeed relate to the death of second Robin Jason Todd but not in the way that you would expect. So influenced were the creators of Suicide Squad by Bruce Timm’s work on his own DCU that it seems that the reveal will be that the “Joker” currently running around will be ex-Robin Jason Todd himself, using his own criminal, street life background to explain the tattoos. This Joker will have been created by Quinzel, unable to live without her puddin’, who “died” at the hands of the Batman several years prior. This last desperate act in revenge of Jokers “killing” of Jason Todd will be what drove Bruce away from the cape and cowl before the movie began; with as we now know from the trailer and the like, Superman’s arrival and fight with Zod being what brought him back.

As for the true Joker, well by all accounts the Joker is as dead as every other dead comic book character *cough*Bucky*cough, *cough*Jean Grey*cough* and DC is desperate to get Mark Hamill on board for a voice dub style mid credits reveal before a full fledged voice over role. Now depending on how quickly they can make this work, explaining why they have so recently green lit Hamill’s own favourite Joker tale ‘The Killing Joke’ as an animated movie and allowed him to come back for the computer game Arkham series after his high demands and constantly staying in character despite the other actors protestations drove him away for ‘Arkham Origins’, depends on when we can get it, but current hope is for the Suicide Squad movie itself.

Speaking of Superman, many are wondering why the lack of a true Superman 2 for so long. Well it seems DC has an answer for this too, with a shocking revelation soon to come that will shake the Superman mythos to the core. It seems DC is eager to get Wonder Woman out to screens so urgently not just to childishly beat Marvel to having a female led superhero movie first but to lay the ground work for it seems that we might struggle to tell one without the other. Early reports state that Krypton will apparently have been a lost tribe of Amazonians of course slightly de powered for being away from the Gods for so long. Apparently all those ships and exploratory parties sent out were an effort to find their way home after so long, thus explaining why Jor-el had the location of Earth to hand (their departure for Themyscira close to hand until the events of Man of Steel happened.)


Now there was the rumour going around that Chris Pine was being courted for the role of Steve Trevor (Wonder Womans boyfriend) or Hal Jordan(Ryan Reynolds) at his choice. Well it turns out that not only was this true but Chris has taken so long in choosing that both roles have now been cast. Not that they aren’t still eager to tie him down to their rapidly growing cinematic universe though and it’s easy to see why.


It turns out two lead roles are still available for the Lantern Corp movie and their announcement reveals that we will be going far beyond the humble Green Lantern Corps. The two roles left are Dex-starr the Red Lantern and a previously unnamed violet lantern with DC promising to keep both of these roles as close to their comic book counterparts as possible. Presumably Dex-Starr will be a voice acting role similar to the successful Rocket Raccoon from Marvels own Guardians of the Galaxy. But word is that he’d better hurry with DC keen to lock down Benedict Cumberbatch it will apparently be a case of first come first served for these two roles.


Which would you rather see him as? And who do you think should fill out the rest of the spectrum?

So what rumours have or would get you interested in the DCMU, feel free to share them in the comments section below.


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