What is Three men in another boat?



So with the boys from Top Gear going all over the world from Africa to Vietnam where do the ‘Three men in a boat‘ go next? Well last time they went one way down the Thames, this time they go the other. What excitement.


Unsurprisingly they haven’t opted to follow the true sequel of Jerome K Jerome other than the fact that their own isn’t as good as the first one either. Instead they have opted to create their own sequel to the idea of sailing one way down the Thames by turning around and sailing the other way. Okay so in truth this time they have upgraded their rowing skiff to a full blown sailing boat and once they get past the mouth of the Thames they’re not going to stop till they get to the distant and exotic ‘Isle of Wight’.


The boat, known as the ‘Undina’ belongs to Griff and is on it’s way to a race against it’s sister ship ‘Josephine’. Thus the Three men must thus get there in one piece and learn how to actually sail the ship on the way. Despite this low budget set up Griff manages to make the whole thing more interesting than when he sailed all the way to Russia.

Now Griff once more takes the lead as the ‘Daddy’ of the group though it makes a little more sense this time seen as how it is his boat and he knows how to sail. Apparently.

See one of the problems is that while he has sailed he has never taught newbies before and newbies are nothing compared to the egos he has chosen to bring with him. Heck a bump on the head is enough to cause a full blown mutiny from one. Fortunately they manage to calm him down by sticking him in a bird hide with some booze for an hour or two.


Now this series is a little better put together than the last and it is all the worse for it. Oh sure it’s “bigger” and “better” but they have censored all the naughty words, well most of them anyway. Now I don’t mind the censoring of naughty words it’s just they seem have to decided to do so with a parrot squawk that gets on your nerves really quickly.

Now the three manage to run aground and almost crash into someone else before the show really gets going though they do manage to miss the Thames flood barrier; granted with some-ones help. From there its across the busiest waterway in the world in what Dara considers the second smallest boat in the world and he’s counting the skiff from last season as number one.

But don’t worry there’s another trip to a museum to teach them the basics once more. But while Griff fails to sail a children’s boat a few feet the other two are playing on the toys once more. It’s a bit cleaner this time but defiantly a bit more one sided.

So once their training is completed it is past the white cliffs of Dover and through Portsmouth always admiring the grass on the other side of the fence.


For Dara this is some of the fanciest boats currently on the market while for Griff this is HMS Victory complete with old time disciplinary methods. For Rory this is girls.

There are a number of women in this series as the boys realise they can’t win the race by themselves, heck they can barely get there and thus are required to press gang some people who actually know their port from their starboard. Thus as it is left to Dara and Rory we end up with an all female crew surrounding the three men for the big race at the end.

Not that they’ve got there yet. No first we have to see Spinnaker tower in Portsmouth, the millennial project holding the largest glass floor in Europe and an elevator to get up that hasn’t worked since opening day. It was late and over budget and is now used for nothing but one adorable shot of a baby crawling across the glass.


For those outside Britain this is nothing surprising, after all the Millennium Dome, the largest and most successful millennial project, was the same way except for showing a Blackadder film and being used in a James Bond chase.

A lot of this series comes off as just “bigger” is “better” such as while last year they snuck into a fireworks display this year its a Rolling Stones concert. Last year Rory has to get chewing gum out of his hair when he is left in a tent over night, this time Dara has to be knifed out of a wet-suit by a marine.

The series carried off and on for the next five years with the Three Men getting into equally wacky adventures like full frontal nudity, killing innocent dogs and glass blowing. Now due to low sales they didn’t release them on dvd like these two, but I’m sure you can find them somewhere. Heck seen as how you’ve got to get lucky and find this in a pound bin or pay the now expected price of £35 for a new one and ten for one going second hand maybe you’d be better looking for these two as well.



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