What is ‘The Last Christmas’?


It’s easy to get wary about ‘The Last Christmas’. It’s about Santa fighting zombies an idea that can easily not live up to expectations. It’s from two Deadpool writers, a character that can really overplay himself and it has two intros before we get to the book. One singing its praises and the other not so much. now one of these is from comedian Patton Oswalt and the other is from Mrs Claus. Try and guess which one will be which. But when all is said and done the proof is in the figgy pudding.

So let’s see how Santa copes when facing down……….


We start with Gary the Snowman singing out the introduction. There isn’t too much to it really. Santa is real and so is the nuclear apocalypse that will kill us all. Seen as how humanity is pretty much inherently bad we’ve ended up blowing up the world and taking out a little over half the population. From there acid rain has taken care of half of the survivors leaving them brain dead mutants (read zombies) and from there about half of the remaining, remaining humans have decided to throw caution to the wind and live out their ‘Mad Max’ inspired marauder fantasies.


This isn’t the titular last Christmas though, no all of that just shakes up the wish list Santa has to deliver. No what causes ‘the last Christmas’ is Marauders heading north and taking on the work shop while old St Nick is out on the rounds. Pretty much the only thing they manage to accomplish, other than taking out a few elves days away from retirement, is offing Mrs St Nick and giving Kris Kringle a headache.


This, rather understandably depresses Noel a little to the point where he decides instead of carrying on being Father Christmas he is going to become a fat, lazy drunk instead. However it isn’t long before even this becomes too much for him and he opts to instead end it all. But there is a problem, which explains how he survived a bullet in the brain pan; squish, see characters like Nicholas live on belief and despite the apocalypse, despite several years A.W.O.L there is still one child who believes. This is the last Christmas as Santa now has a new mission. If this last believer dies then so does he. This year it doesn’t pay to be on his nice list and what you’re gonna get is going to be far worse than a lump of coal.


So it’s time to scrub up and suit up.


So now that I’ve spoiled the plot what else is there to say. Well seen as how I pass these things off as reviews maybe I should tell you if the comic is any good. I would have to say yes though not in any real lasting way. But before we go any further I should say that if the idea of Santa fighting zombies doesn’t appeal to you than give it a miss. If you don’t want to see Christmas Elves with pistols and bauble grenades then give it a miss. There is no deeper layer underneath this, no great story, no clever message, no twist or turn; well maybe some from the plot I’ve laid down for you but not to any great degree. This is one of those cases where it does what it says on the tin and what you see is what you get.


Not that what you get is bad per say. I mean you also get a smoking hot milf that one of the elves makes goo goo eyes over and a random samurai near the end who seems to just randomly show up as though to say, “I notice your comic doesn’t have any ninja or samurai in it. Thought I’d help with that.” The pacing is fast and the gags just as quick which carries the light story. The jokes however are the kind that will probably work once and maybe twice if you promise to pack it away and save it for next year. It’s not clever and it’s not trying to be, it just wants to be fun.

Going for about six quid new already, despite being out only a year, this comic is probably worth a read if only for something else festive in your warped and twisted life. Think of it less like buying a copy of Gremlins and more like getting a copy of Silent Night Deadly Night 2.



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