What was wrong with the Tenth Doctor?


Christmas is a time to remember the man who died for our sins and rose again, who believed in kindness and peace and was always followed about by companions eager to learn of his ways.

However I haven’t bothered much with this season of Doctor Who so I’ve had to make do with getting drunk and watching a bunch of Twatty Who reviews instead; a series where Diamanda Hagan vents her frustration with Doctor Who, nu-who in particular and David Tennant to be even more particular-ular. Now while he annoyed me as the Doctor during his run that has dropped off since, no not because I have grown up and accepted that it is because it’s just a t.v show; no for I have a cunning theory.

Now before we go any further I should say that I have no problem with David Tennant and believe him to be a decent enough actor. In fact my theory hinges on the belief that he is or at least can be a talented and nuanced actor.

Anyway Diamanda talked about the death of the Tenth Doctor as seen in ‘The End of Time’ and this is what originally reminded me of my own ‘personal continuity’ fan-theory. See she complains about Tennants death but it’s what happens after ward that is the most revealing for his character. But first we must go back to the beginning, or 2005 when Christopher Eccleston regenerated into Doctor number ten. The cause was that Rose had eaten the heart of a Tardis or some such and the time stream radiation was burning away at her while giving her the power of a god. The doctor took this on causing it to destroy his body from the inside out resulting in doctor number ten. But as everybody knows, energy can not be destroyed only transformed. Now sure some of the excess was burnt off in the resulting regeneration but what happened to the rest?


Why did we end up with a doctor that was so manic?

Who was always the saddest he’s ever been.


Or the angriest person in the galaxy.

Ten Screaming

Why did he react to the Racnoss, a race of spider people we had never heard of before, with the same level of passion and hatred as he normally reserved for the Daleks? Why then did he give a self aggrandising lecture about how he was the man who never would after trying to wipe them out? Why did he fall in love with Rose so quickly and so completely and most importantly why did he throw a temper tantrum over saving a mans life at the end of it all.


See for comparison we must go back to ‘Caves of Andronazi’, a story where the doctor risks it all to save his companion giving his own life so that another may live. For those who haven’t see it, I suggest you do but for those who haven’t for now think of it as the end of ‘The End of Time’ but played out over four episodes and not shit.

Anyway it turns out the answer comes in the next few scenes, after Tennant fails to undergo the obvious, yet subtle Wrath of Kahn rip-off the episode was calling out for, the Doctor begins his regeneration, something that would normally take minutes at best yet here allows the Doctor to give Wilf a lift home, stop off for tea and cakes, file his taxes, call in on Captain Jack at the Resturant at the end of the Universe, drop in on the descendent of someone he once knew, meaning that logically if he stopped off with her that he possibly stopped of on others, all before levelling the Tardis in his eventual regeneration.


Now I’m not going to bring classic Who into this, I’m not going to mention how Baker regenerated inside the Tardis into a short Scottish bloke without any such issue. Instead I’m going to point out how Eccleston and Jacobi regenerated inside the Tardis without blowing the place up. So why couldn’t Tennant?

Simple he was still hocked up on time vortex energy. He never got rid of it, just adapted to it and this extra energy explains so much about the Tenth Doctor. He was running around on the equivalent of several lines of coke every day. His wild unpredictable behaviour, his love for random people, overly emotional, slightly schizophrenic, manic depressive personality. Heck it even explains the way he dressed. Think about it when you’re off your tits you put traffic cones on your head and might think that string vests, neon overdone make up and light up pacifiers are a good idea. So what then does the man who wears this……..


do when he gets wasted? Why he dress like this of course……….



Tennant was doing the equivalent of playing the Doctor drunk but on several extra strong cups of coffee an hour.

Stamping his feet over saving the best actor in the special, including Dalton, is easy to understand now isn’t it.

Say you were in town and it was pouring with rain and your mate needed to borrow your last fiver to get home you’d probably give it to them without a second thought but when you’re blind drunk and are clutching that last fiver to your breast staggering on, often in the middle of the road, toward the kebab house where you plan on buying the largest, stinkiest kebab in the building, to take one bite and then probably fall asleep face first in the garlic sauce you may begrudge them that fiver. Right?

This also explains how his regeneration could last so long as it burnt through even more of the energy this time around thus keeping his present form for longer with enough left over that when it got exercised it was still strong enough to set the console room on fire. Thus when people harp on about how silly and annoying the tenth Doctor was. Complain about his rapid mood swings, inability to deal with stuff like a rational time lord, complain about how whiny and pathetic he some times appeared please remember that it was because he was carrying that extra jolt that amplified everything he felt by a million all so that someone else may live.



Granted she was an annoying twonk by the end so he probably shouldn’t have bothered.


3 thoughts on “What was wrong with the Tenth Doctor?

  1. I didn’t find him annoying. I found the repetitive nature of him running in episodes a little annoying in the end. But then the whole end of 10s doctor, with him not wanting to go, then a whole new cast and lead writer was all kinds fitting. Right time for Tennant and RTD to go along with Rose, Mickey and Martha. 🙂

    • Oh I agree it was the right time for him to go, I just found a lot of the end of his run a little ham fisted, instead of a sad look to camera or something they had to kind of spell it out, imo, and that ruined his departure for me.
      The doctor stamping his feet on saving Wilf soured me on doc ten I believe and it would have been better if they had allowed Tennant to give a more nuanced and subtle performance. But nuanced and subtle wasn’t exactly doc tens strong point.

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