Fake Nerds


A friend of mine recently talked about the wave of fake nerds encroaching on our “culture” because he is a little behind the times. So he doesn’t feel bad about that fact I shall be doing a follow up so that he isn’t the last person to be discussing it.

Now most people are either in the camp that Fake Nerds are real, the worst scum ever and should be burnt at the stake or are in the camp that says they don’t exist and everyone should just cool it. As usual I shall aim to be a little bit different.

First, I think fake geeks do exist, they’re real

I know.


I’ve seen their footprints.


However unlike others I don’t think we should slice them in twain with a butter knife, no we should do something completely different but before we get onto that I feel I should offer a little bit more evidence for their existence and like most of my analogies this one shall use sports, something I happen to be an expert on.

Every year when the summers big sports event rolls around; be that the world cup, super bowl or the other world cup you will see tons of people crawling out of the wood work with jerseys and shirts ready to head round to watch the big game. Whenever a small local team hits the big time you will hear how everyone you knew was always a fan of them and rooting for them all along and should that team fall from grace you will soon see these “long time fans” disappear.

Right now there is little bigger than nerdom and so we have seen a huge influx of people looking for room so as to hop aboard the bandwagon and join the throng.


So what should be done about these people who can’t tell a clone trooper from a storm trooper, who have never head of Cassandra Cain nor Stephanie Brown, who think that the hero of time is called Zelda.


Well nothing, actually.

See the other day I finally got around to watching Ash vs The Evil dead, a series that is a sequel to a film from over twenty years ago and not as you might imagine a reboot or re imagining, this is a series headlined by Bruce “B-movie” Campbell, a fifty odd year old actor little known outside of the cult, horror community. This would be unheard of ten or even five years ago and yet here it is.

On telly right now we have the ‘Flash’ channelling the speed force to travel to ‘Earth-2’ to meet his mercury helmeted predecessor so as to take on an evil telepathic Gorilla. Perhaps the only way this show could become any more faithful to the comic is if we found they got the serum for this transformation of Grodd from a city in the jungles of Africa.

How is all this possible? Fake Nerds.


As the fandom has grown, more people are bringing more money and interest along. Now some have been there all along and others are just being introduced to this wonderful world and when the bubble eventually bursts and everybody moves along to hula hoops or gardening or whatever the next fad will be, some will stay behind and others wont. Because as far as I’m concerned this will not last and unlike all the whiny, whingy souls dotted around the internet I intend to enjoy it while it does.

So what does that mean, am I asking you to go out on some lovey dovey campaign to hug and educate the fake nerds so that they may hang around when the bubble bursts, dear god no, the fans will remain both old and new and the posers will thankfully be gone. No I’m just asking for you to quit whining and enjoy what you’ve got. For as J.F.K once said “Ask not what you can do for fake nerds, ask what fake nerds can do for you!”

Due to the rise in nerdom we have a Captain America movie that is actually decent rather than following some surfer in a minivan. Yes you have to put up with people wearing Iron Man shirts who don’t know the first thing about him but thanks to them we get the ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ movie.


People claim that some are trying to exploit the nerd and use them for their own ends. I have heard claims that Wil Wheaton’s Tabletop is doing just that and to that I say again I don’t care. Due to him I now have a board game store twenty minutes walk from my house.

Now I can only speak for myself but I’m not yet ready to return to a time when the Justice League looked like this……..


and Nick Fury was played by the Hoff and if that means biting my lip and smiling at the dude-bro in the batman t-shirt then so be it.

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