What is “Superman/Wonder Woman: Whom Gods Destroy”?


Superman appeared in 1930-something and beat up bad guys with a pow, smack and a bam but Lois got old and Superman got writers block so the nazis took over. Several decades later Lois and Clark fly to Germany but there’s something on the wing! So Superman fights the evil goblin but the Germans don’t like this and so try to arrest him for saving the day. He then buggers off and with nothing better to do Lois joins the Amazonian resistance movement who make out and then set her on fire.

Meanwhile Superman must fight a Titan who beats him up and turns him into a centaur. So Super-Centaur leads his horsey harem to raid a wine cellar where he is saved by becoming a teenage girl. Meanwhile Lois must fight Wonder Woman She Wolf of the SS so Clark-ina takes on a Minotaur with a machine gun, beats the Gods and goes to live on the moon with his two girlfriends and they were all very very drunk.

Yes I have been drinking, but this is still…………………………


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