What is ‘The Bugman’s Game’?


Every great fantasy story starts in a tavern, where people can mourn the dead and recruit their replacement in one alcohol fueled night before going back out to raid some poor unsuspecting dead persons last resting place. It is a place of character, filled with heroes and typically a quest hook or two. But what’s going on while the farm boy and the old man are trying to secure passage, what do people do there except encounter shadowy strangers in the corner who turn out to be forgotten kings. Well there is only one way to find out and that’s play…………….


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What is ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’?


It took me a while to get around to seeing this one. What with all the reviews flying around can you blame me? But I’ve finally got around to it and if I had to waste two and half hours watching this I figured I might as well waste a few more writing this review.

This is………………………………………………………


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Boss Monster


Twibz, the life and times.

Kibby came over on Friday for what looks like is going to become a regular thing. We played games and grabbed Pizza. So…

One day you’re merrily in your evil underground lair bossing your minions about and then some upstart adventurer / plumber throws his spicy meatballs over your carefully laid out plans:maxresdefault.jpg


Ok, maybe I should explain; Boss Monster has you play as the Big Bad Guy. You build up your dungeon to entice unsuspecting adventurers to their doom. First to claim 10 souls wins, and first to lose 5 lives looses.
There are several different villains for you to play as, you draw these randomly, and each has a unique special (“level up”) ability that is used when you have built 5 rooms.
You take it in turns to build rooms and entice adventurers to your dungeon, taken in XP order noted on your Boss’ card.

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What is ‘Blue Beetle: Ted Kord Returns’?


From the man who brought you Spiderman and Doctor Strange comes, well basically Batman without the brooding angst. No not Green Arrow.

‘The Blue Beetle’.

Originally invented way back in 1939 The Blue Beetle was a popular character in the day, drawing in events at the worlds fair, radio serials and Jack ‘The King’ Kirby. Yet like most superheroes he went out of vogue in the forties and faded from view. Yet once they began to return so too did ‘The Blue Beetle’ ready to fight crime once more. Though now played by Ted Kord, protégée to Garrett and the child of aforementioned Steve Ditko. From the swinging sixties onward Kord fought crime as the wise cracking superhero, teaming up with various branches of the Justice League and even going mano a mnao with Superman killer ‘Doomsday’ (he was knocked out cold). That is until 2005 when he met his end via bullet in the brain pan, squish. This was the life of Ted Kord. That is until today, well 2012, when Ted Kord returned in……………


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