What is ‘Electra Woman and Dyna Girl (2001 Pilot)’?


In the mid seventies Lori and Judy were ace reporters by day and superheroes slightly later in the day. Now of course they are two youtube personalities but between now and then they were pitching their own cynical reboot.

Now the visual qualities pretty bad on this one so I’m going to be drawing on the power of the internet to get us through my review of…………………………………………………………………….


Half continuation and half its own thing the pilot shows a world twenty five years after the adventures of Electra Woman and Dyna Girl. Judy has run off with Electra Womans husband and Lori now lives drunk in a trailer ala Ash Williams. Well except for the oldsmobile.


And the demons and chainsaws and…. Well you get the idea. Anyway its up to Anne Stedman to drag her out of this funk not for any apocalyptic, Earth destroying reason but simply because she cares and this might be the biggest thing about the pilot. Sure on the surface they look more like Mother and Daughter now what with the twenty five or so years between them instead of the previous two or the current one.

But the chemistry is pretty good and by the end you really believe the two are good friends. See earlier I said cynical and I meant it. The show is laced with sex references as we end with Electra Woman following several guys out of the shower whilst the new Dyna Girl’s boyfriend asks if she kept the costume but it never manages to go overboard. Well okay maybe a little.

by lujus.deviantart.com

by lujus.deviantart.com

But it respects the source material and comics books in general but never feels like it’s kissing their boots in the same vain as Electra Woman conceding that Wonder Woman has better tits. Or the revelation that Flash did some ad work for fedex. This could be one of the few times where I truly feel that a show was ahead of its time and maybe that will work in the new reboots favour and maybe not. The original Electra Woman and Dyna Girl were riding the wave of Batman ’66.


Meanwhile the new one has an audience that can tell the difference between a Hawkman and a Birdman; unlike some of the people who make them. Whilst this one came at a time when Superheroes were stuck on saturday morning and were trying to forget their early nineties live action attempts at staying hip and with it.

The original ran as twelve or so minute instalments on a larger show and I’m not sure if the pilot we got we intended to fit likewise or just a short pitch to the studios to test the waters. Either way it’s a sweet and fairly funny shot at a pilot and its a shame it never went beyond that but don’t take my word for it, check it out yourself.


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