What is Wireless (the webseries)?


Starting in 2003 with a drone strike on Iraq and running all the way to the “present” where the British police force are trying their hand at Knight Rider. Wireless at times feels like the odd love child of H+  and ‘Carpool‘; as officer Russell Crowe fights his way around London, ditching the usual tug boat for his smart car, ‘White,’ while he must deal with ptsd, cloak and dagger operations and months between episodes. This is…………………………………………………………


In the distant future of 2015 the London constabulary have entered an episode of ‘Pimp my Police-ride’ and that has left them with ‘Unit White’ a state of the art artificial intelligence implanted in a low budget auto-mobile. They boast several times that this creation, by nerdy hacker Casper, is the only one like it in the world and is thus entrusted to recently returned to duty, loose cannon cop Crowe; a man who can’t even be bothered to read the instruction book on the car. Why him, nobody seems willing to say and the longer it goes on for the more I worry that there simply isn’t an answer. In truth they hint at there being an answer but so far its threatening to go all J.J Abrams on us with the fans putting forward better explanations than the writer.


We’re currently up to episode 8 with no hint on how long this will run for and it being quite hard to judge how far through the arch we are either. We still have little to no idea what the whole drone strike in the beginning was far or how it links to the rest of the series, though they keep cutting back to it like some charging knight. Likewise while they’ve dropped a few other plot threads like nosy reporters and hacker circles it’s hard to judge if these are just fleshing out the world and characters or if they’re going to become important later on. Now there is enough there and its consistent enough that this isn’t as of yet another ‘Cops and Monsters‘. They keep the actor count low and they all do really well in their roles though they often struggle to get around the wannabe Whedon-esque dialogue. Likewise the plot stays pretty on track without too many jumps around, though  because of that you have to deal with a plot that all happens in the front seat of a “smart” car.


Before too long though they are starting to mix this up, as though they have burnt through all the variations of front seat police action they can bring you, and they introduce ‘White’s’ ability to hack into security cameras and televisions through black magic but in fairness they never seem to let this run. too far, away with them.

They’re not letting the production schedule run away with them either as it’s taken a year to get this far and we are still running at one ten minute episode every few, to five, months. Plus there isn’t a really strong idea of where the series is going. There seems to be some plot amongst the local hacker circles to attack Casper in his cemetery hidey-hole but we’re still not entirely sure how or why; well other than the fact that he has made the worlds first a.i. The bits where Crowe parkours around council estates are quite fun and the interaction between him and ‘Unit White’ are fairly well written and handled with the promise of ‘White’ developing more in the way of wit and common sense as the series goes on and despite the aritifical nature of the conversation there does seem to be some decent chemistry between the two. No surprise that its Andrew Lee Potts’ ex dinosaur hunter Lucy Brown.

That being said I can’t help but worry that having a central plot and what have you running through could end up hurting the series more than it helps. Had it played up the more ‘COPS’ aspect of the idea running a few solo missions first and saving the epic storyline for a season two that comes out on time it would have been better as it is its kind of Schroedinger’s web series, with lots of promise but that worry that none of it us will know if its worth watching till they’ve run the last episode.


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