What is wrong with ‘Star Trek: Discovery’?


The fan film world has been abuzz recently with news of the new draconian laws placed upon the Star Trek fan film collective. This has already split the fandom but things could get a whole lot worse once the U.S.S Discovery launches on its maiden voyage in…………………………


Okay first things first, for those who don’t know Star Trek is getting a new series. You could possibly be excused for missing this as the teaser was just a shot of a poorly animated pizza slice stuck in a rock and they have done little to promote it since as they have had their hands full doing very little for the fiftieth anniversary of Star Trek. Even the Doctor managed more for his birthday and he spent five minutes dangling from a crane for no good reason because that’s what happens when you give Stephen Moffat more money and tell him you’re slapping his readily available television episode in cinemas for no real reason.


However due to fan conjecture and some confirmation we can now start to map out the series ahead and there are a few clouds on the horizon. Now bearing in mind that I haven’t got some exclusive sneak peak and this could end up being the best show on t.v to date; for that only time will tell.

The first things fans wanted to know is what timeline this would be set in. Would we return to the prime time line or stick to the Kelvin timeline as seen in the new blockbuster movies. Fans wanted to go back, to carry on the story from where we left off or even to flesh out the parts we skimmed over on t.v. For a long while people were convinced we might be landing in the early 2300’s and carrying on from there. Heck it would be the closest we ever got to our much anticiapted Captain Sulu series and you know what we’d take it.

However the argument for following on from the new universe was strong. It was now more familiar to more people, the future was entirely unwritten and they could handily borrow cast, crew, sets and costumes to flesh out the show.

It turns out they’ve decided to try and please everyone by setting it in both by jumping back to several years before Kirk and the Enterprise thus probably pleasing no one. Not only does this run the risk of even further muddling up the time line ala ‘Enterprise’ but now its yet another in a long line of prequels and not even one of the ones we were clamouring for.

See way back when Dr Sam Beckett first took command of a space tug people were eager for one bit of federation lore. The Romulan War. First mentioned in balance of terror this conflict brought the federation together and reshaped the universe as we know it. Now Enterprise never got around to this which is probably for the best as they were quite bad; at, well, everything. However there was talk of an all new motion picture to do so instead. We never got that either, which is probably for the best as they would have likely been terrible too. But now we’ve got an all new prequel to do the job for us, except they won’t be telling that tale either. Instead their gonna tell us about another conflict that shaped Starfleet ‘the four year war’.


Fought between Starfleet and the Klingon Empire the four year war was the prelude to the cold war between the two seen in the original series.

But wait you say haven’t I heard talk about that recently?

Why yes, yes you probably have. On this very blog in fact as I rambled on about a small fan film called ‘Axanar’. A fan film facing down a cease and desist, one of the very few put out by the fat cats on a Star Trek fan film since they first began.

So the question becomes how much of said law suit was over the money changing hands and how much was their annoyance that someone was about to get there first and steal their thunder?

So with this hanging over their heads how will Discovery sail well? Remember pretty much anything they can do in terms of actors, special effects and setting has now effectively been done already.

Well prepare to unleash the Omega-13 for they have one ace up their sleeve. They can and will go somewhere (almost) no Star Trek has gone before. Sex, and swearing; but mostly the sex. With the promise that this new Trek will have “more sex than those other shows” you have to worry if they have their bearings right at all. We’re all adults here I know and yes this shall be airing on CBS’s own subscriber based chanel much like HBO with Game of Thrones and then later on Netflix like some of the darker corners of the Marvel universe that we’re currently enjoying. But who tunes into Trek for the sex? Well they’d better hope someone will.

Though when you’re tuning in who’s to say. They missed their original air date due to not having a set, crew, script or even having settled on what the ship will actually look like and things don’t seem to be getting any better. Discovery looks set to sail by the time we’ve already actually invented warp drives ourselves.


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