What is ‘101 ways to end the clone saga’?


The clone saga, as has already been mentioned, was a bit of a mess. It sold so well that the highers ups wanted more; more twists, more turns, more clones. The further they went however the further from the original plot they got and so it was a race against the clock for the writers, editors and assorted others to keep the train going while constantly laying new tracks all the time. Thus when it came time to call on an end on the whole thing there was a question on how best to do it leaving them with……………………………………………………………………………………


In truth things had gotten so bad for the spider books that Marvels only option was to hang a lamp shade on the thing and hope for the best. Thus we end up with this one shot from ’97 showing the “best and brightest” at the house of ideas desperately trying to find an idea on how to end this disaster.


It’s a cute one shot that runs the gambit of clones to time travel and even delving into V.R in an effort to get the spider books back in line and as close to normal as possible. With talk of predestination paradox’s as Pete goes back in time to become Ben on more than one occasion and others considering wiping the whole supporting cast out in one giant hail-mary that rendered years of continuity obsolete it’s a fairly light heated look at what might have been.


Now I won’t talk too much about the original clone saga and while the comic gives you a one page catch up it kind of takes for read that you’re down with the whole thing. With characters like Judas Traveller, Spidercide and Master Programmer all coming under fire though it’s not an easy pool to dip your toe into. If you didn’t live through it you’re gonna struggle to follow the who’s, the what’s, the wheres and everyone will struggle with the whys. Ben Herrera provides the artwork which not great but passable and certainly very nineties with it’s angular lines and elongated features.


A few of these notions might have been fun to explore in stand alone issues but its doubtful and more than a few seem to be here to highlight the quick one and done nature of comics with calls to just have Ben turn into a pile of goo or get stomped on by a sentinel so the they can just be done with the whole thing. If you lived through the original and managed to miss the one the first time round it’s an amusing diversion for some thirty odd pages. If you managed to miss it then don’t hesitate to give this a pass. In fact the only people I would recommend this too right now would be the current writing line up at Marvel who have gone back round the big event list pinned up in the office so that we’ve revisited secret wars, relived Civil War and are now putting Spidy back through clone trouble again.





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