What is ‘Batman: Return of the Caped Crusaders’?


As DC continues to go from bad decision to bad decision and they scramble around to do something about it, going from hiring a guy who thinks they should just do Watchmen to a guy who thinks they should make Watchmen official. So while all this is going on they do the one thing they have left going for them, nostalgia. This is ……………………………………………………………


That’s right Adam West and Burt Ward are back in tights, though thankfully animated this time around to avoid too much sag in the lycra. It seems the frightful four of Joker, Catwoman, Penguin and Riddler have teamed up and terrifying shenanigans will ensue. Thus it is up to the dynamic duo to biff, pow and zock their way from giant t.v dinners to space bound Kremlins as they face their most diabolical challenge yet.


Now this isn’t their first return to the batcave and thankfully this one does a bit better than the last time by focusing on the original show rather than the two main leads and their egos. Meaning that if you just fancy a return to the camp sixties then this is right up your alley. Now sure it got a bit self aware in the riddle solving section or when complaining about the silly tights but it held it’s course fairly straight.


Because at the end of the day if this movie is gonna gain any traction, make it’s money and get a rushed into production sequel starring William Shatner as Two-Face; then it is is going to have to appeal to more and thus work as a modern batman movie. The thing is the movie is from the mind of Brave and the Bold team of Tucker and Jelenic meaning this is yet another bastion of cheese and cheer. Fighting back against the ever encrouching tide of grim darkness it doesn’t hold its punches either giving the main culprit, the Dark Knight, a proper “zonk” on the chin before the credits roll.

It’s a return to form for DC givings us a return to form for the animated movies and a vague promise for all that the future may hold. Batman ’66 was looked at as ridiculously campy and the butt of many a joke for a long time but now the needle has swung too far the other way once again missing the middle ground of the animated series once more. This is not a return to the old days but a fight back against the new guard taking a swing with a  few jabs at the newer batmen after Bruce takes a nasty swipe from Selina Kyle and his darker side comes out. That being said it’s only there if you want to see it and otherwise it’s just a version  of the old series that can go further thanks to their animation than they could with their budget.



The animation style is decent, lacking in Romero’s infamous moustache but I suppose we can’t have everything. The stand in voice actors do a decent job of filling in meaning perhaps the main complaint is that while Burt Ward is back to voicing the boy wonder he now defiantly does not sound like a boy anymore.


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