What is ‘Kibbins Codex: 2016’?


Well it’s been a fairly quiet year on the blog this year, mainly because I’ve spent all my time playing ‘Stardew Valley’, and ‘Magic the Gathering’. But I’m aiming to do a lot better next year with yet more reviews about crap you don’t care about. But to properly ensure that it is crap that you well and truely don’t care about I must look not forward but backward, downward not forward and always blogging, blogging, blogging toward obscurity.


What do you want from me? Well it seems the most popular posts of all time have all been pictures of you lot.

But other than that my most popular post seems to be on the ‘Hikikomori solo game‘ which I thinks says a lot about my audience really

Not that I truly understand my audience what with almost twice as many people reading me in Brazil as in France, which is just next door, and hardly any in Jersey, Australia, Canada and Ireland. You know the English speaking nations. I wonder if I’m being held up in English class rooms as an example. I can see it now:

“Yes Timmy you’re struggling with this difficult and often contradictory new language but so are they and they’ve grown up with it.” *

But going off my Google hits I’m gonna guess you’re more frustrated than I am. Let’s see what burning questions brought here to my cave of wisdom.

The main one being some variant of who is the girl in ‘Avengers Grimm‘ with Purple hair and more importantly why does she have purple hair?

Well the answer to the first one is it’s Cinderella.

The answer to the second one is most likely to help you tell them apart. They’re like power rangers.

The second big thing you all seem to be after is some kind of adult cut of the ‘Mythica Series‘. Now I’ve heard of rule 34 I know that if its a thing someone has porn of it, but

a) that person is not me,


b) why? I know there is a big thing of “porn parodies” lately but what makes you think there is going to be one of a direct to dvd low budget fantasy series starring Kevin Sorbo?

Still that’s more understandable than someone wanting an x-rated cut of ‘The Cinema Snob Movie‘. Now I know that Brad Jones “reviews” porn on his show so in the interest of fairness I’m ignoring those kind of results. But when people type in things like “cinema snob movie nude” there is only so much slack you can give.

Finally there is the surprise hit of my blog “Superman/ Wonder Woman: Whom Gods Destroy“. I say surprise hit because people don’t seem to be coming to it through hits like, bad superman comic, or weird elseworld tale; but instead through hits like “girl turns into a centauress” and “teenage centaur” or “girl centaur comic”; which I think tells us what they were really after.

Now you might think that’s a little unfair to call them out but other than cosplay my three “best” pics seem to be…………………..




So as we look forward to another year I can but ask, what would you like to see me cover more of in the new year and most importantly, what is ‘getdown spiel’ and why does it lead so many people to my blog?




*Translated from foreign -Ed


2 thoughts on “What is ‘Kibbins Codex: 2016’?

  1. I just wanted to say that visiting your blog makes me feel like playing the Monkey Island series again. 🙂
    I purchased the “special edition” of game 1 and 2 a while back, but my favorite game was the third one. I hope (I haven’t checked recently) that it will come out to some console in the future. It was truly amazing.

    • Lol, I like to think that’s how everyone pictures me writing these posts.
      3 is my favourite too, though that could be because it was my first one and I then went back to one and two though didn’t finish them till they came out again on the playstation store. I too would like to see it re-released especially seen as how the ones after it haven’t been quite as good though the “series” they did was okay.

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