What is ‘Area 57’?


Out in the middle of the Nevada desert lives a strange slightly twisted and quite perverted creature with a bizarre sense of humour that few really get……………. and today Paul Rubens will be playing an alien in this pilot from 2007. A pilot staring Shaggy from Scooby Doo, the P.E teacher from Glee and that guy, you know from the thing, yeah you know, whatshisname. This is……………………………………………………………………………


From 2007 this t.v pilot decided to try and put the ‘situation’ back into sitcom by focusing on the hard work of the men and women of a secret military outpost as they try to get the secrets of the universe from an alien visitor. Now loads of shows have done the visit to Area 51 schtick but is it possible to build a series around it. Well no, not going off this but I bet you could get a film out of it. Well maybe they couldn’t but somebody could, maybe.


See they start okay with Matthew Lillard coming in as Colonel Issac, fresh off the bus; quite literally. Now why he’s here isn’t really explained. He’s not in charge, he doesn’t already know about the existence of aliens and he doesn’t seem great at his job. Still for some reason he’s been chosen to replace the last guy who started blabbing about psychic cows. Beats staring at goats I guess. His care will be Paul Rubens in a face mask worthy of Star Trek.

We have a boss who doesn’t like the term extra terrestrial while he has a spaceship sat in his hanger, a second in command modelled after early season Hot lips Houlihan and an alien who learnt about human culture from internet trolls as he fakes his own death, twists the truth and gets peoples cats pregnant. Now I like most of the people in this pilot. God knows why but I do and so I kind of want to blame the editing for almost none of the jokes landing well. There doesn’t seem to be anything in the way of build up and there is no wind down just a jump cut from sketch to gag as they try to sell the show. I want to say that this was in aid of the pilot and would have been handled better had they been picked up buuuuuuuuuuuuuut…………


See I like most of the people in this pilot. God knows why but I do and so I kind of want to balme the writing for none landing well. I mean you get anyone in to work a scene where the commanding officer just beats on a subordinant in the boxing ring for no reason and see how well it works. Or have one of you main characters fake his own death half way through simply so something will happen.

See I like most of the people in this pilot. God knows why but I do and so I kind of want to blame anything for this not landing but when it comes down to it I’ve got to face facts that this is the second thing Matthew Lillard has signed onto with an unfunny farting scene and at some point you kind of run out of excuses.

The pilot is in the twenty minute mark and it feels too long and like its trying to be hard to be “wacky” and “off the wall” while looking up said terms in a dictionary. Things fall from the sky, people who have seen others driven mad by the alien are quick to take its word all for the sake of a half hearted sexual harassment joke and there seems to be some running “gag” about the sound of the sirens and what they mean. If you have twenty minutes and at least twenty brain cells to spare you can catch the pilot floating around the internet, such as here.



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