What is ‘Con Man: Season 2’?


When last we left our, “hero”? Wray Nerely has been roped up in Jack Moore’s hair brained scheme to bring back cult hit spectrum something that’s sounding better the more roles Jack looses to the ever growing Hemsworth brothers. But despite the conventions of screaming fans the promise of a decent pay check this still isn’t the “proper” acting Wray wants, the kind of proper acting he hopes to get on the set of “Doctor Cop Lawyer” the hit new crime series coming soon. Can he handle the dangers of mo cap training studios, modern auditions for disinterested audiences and of course the biggest danger of all his old cast mates. Well to find out you’re gonna have to dig in to the new series of…………………………………………………….


It looks like we left out characters in a fairly good place; unfortunately looks can be deceiving. Jack is quickly loosing his shine as Hollywood’s hot property as a wild Hemsworth appears on the scene and Wray’s agency is going through volatile times meaning the best he can get from them is ad work for astro-cereal. After taking Dale once more to the emergency room the two agree that if Jack will get Wrey lined up for a decent non sci-fi role he’ll do the Spectrum movie resurrecting the cult franchise for a new age. Things aren’t so easy however.


First he’s going to need a new agent and that can only mean the return of Frau Farbissina even if she is currently giving back rubs at a health food shop. Second is trying to appear manly for the director of said t.v show when it turns out that stunt man ‘Helo’ actually wants to do his work. Third is auditioning for an audience that can’t peel their nose from the screen of their mobile device in a world where being really really ridiculously good looking will only land you the role of t.v ugly. Compared to this going back on the con circuit doesn’t really seem so bad even if you do have to contend with Lou Ferrigno wanting to make a musical based upon ‘Of Mice and Men’.


Finally we’re on to ‘Shock-a-con’ for the big reveal of the Spectrum movie as the shows self awareness seems to clash with the notion of being on Comic Con HQ. In fact it’s hard to tell if the story has simply moved on from the conventions of season one or if they’ve run out of gags to do about them but there seems to be far less con in ‘Con Man’ this year. Or is this simply because they’ve gone from Vimeo to the afore mentioned streaming service for comic con itself. It’s hard to tell but it leaves with a slightly more predictable run of episodes for us this time around. As always I try to avoid spoilers so I’ll make this one brief and talk about it simply because I think it manages to sum up season two in a nutshell. We meet Lou in episode seven at ‘the long con’ where he mentions that he wants to take his version of ‘Of Mice and Men’ to the stage and he thinks Wrey would be ideal for the co lead. As soon as you hear this you know where it is going but you have to wait for the reveal of Lou wanting him as Lenny while he will play the part of George. Likewise you have to wait yet longer as he Wrey tries to politely point out this mistake before the parts are switched and the play can go ahead. This isn’t a bad joke, the parts are played well and its well written but it doesn’t ever really surprise you. Likewise we once again seen Wrey rejuvenated by going back to treading the boards only for this to be dashed by people thinking he’s not right for the part and thrown back to the pits of science fiction just when things seem to be going so well.


I compared season one to a comic strip, small bite size mouthfuls of comedy for a few pence each. There were overarching narratives you could probably just have one every now and again. In some ways that’s changed for season 2 and in some ways it hasn’t. It’s more of a comic book now witha  clear through line and episodes often bleeding into each other with rapidly different circumstances and cast for each ten minute episode. However the plot seems to have slowed to a crawl giving this the feeling of filler as we await the start of Spectrum the movie and likewise feel that Wrey isn’t in quite enough dirt with the fans and cast members just yet. None of this isn’t to say it isn’t funny because it is and if this were still running on Vimeo I would tell anyone who liked the first run to throw down the money for the next. Instead it’s on still new and untested Comic Con HQ who have a library that can pretty much be marathoned during the free trial window assuming you have some holiday time owed to you. A site that hides its FAQ’s until you have signed up, FAQ’S such as what countries can sign up. A streaming site that only streams to the united states forgetting there is a world beyond its borders and a streaming site that is only to happy to take your money if these apply to you and wants details up front even if you can’t watch anything in the hopes that you will forget to unsubscribe from your free trial and let the money trickle out of your bank account each month.







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