How to find an apocalypse f*ck buddy


Whether you’re looking to find that special someone or just party members for your ‘Zombie Plan’ Match may have you covered……………………


For years now memes have spoken about how Netflix should double as a dating site with the idea that it should inform you of other singles in your area who have watched show ‘x’ for ‘y’ amount of hours.


Well it seems somebody have taken them seriously, well fairly seriously anyway; as the return of ‘Walking Dead’ last night from its mid season hiatus staggered back with a live dating chat room to go along with it. The chat room ran alongside the episode with an invite on the main page of Match. Here you could discuss what useless character you reckon they are gonna kill off for the illusion of drama, which “twists” you think they are gonna drag out in the belief that it might bring you back for at least one more episode and of course; is it true that the final survivor of the whole thing telling us a tale is going to be Granddad Coral!


Or is it just going to be a place for really weird role play and bad jokes about guys wanting girls for their “Brains!”

“We realized that with singles in America today, one of the things that they connect on the most is the shows they watch and they love, and we wanted to figure out how to replicate what’s happening in the real world on the Match site and on the app,” explained CEO Mandy Ginsberg who seems to have basically realised that trying to get “the youth” of today outside, even for a date is pretty much a hopeless task “millennials are 270% more likely than those of other generations to be turned on by someone who watches the same shows as they do.”

Though surely you have to ask, does this not remove the awkward standing in front of people with the awkward telling people to hush up cos the episode has just got interesting?

If this one works expect to find Westworld and Game of Thrones having their own parties at some point in the near future which finds me asking do I want to run the risk of telling the folks or kids that I met that special someone while watching actors get down and dirty in royal incest subplots or banging a robot and how long would it take me to get caught up so i can join in?




4 thoughts on “How to find an apocalypse f*ck buddy

    • Okay I know you’re zombie plan is to head north where the cold will stop zombies from moving and I know that’s how arctic explorers keep warm but NO! 😉

  1. Best Valentine’s Day post ever. Haha. Maybe once the zombie apocalypse happens, I’ll find a thirsty guy 😂 Cause, they are definitely hiding today 😜 lol

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