What is wrong with Pewdiepie?


For a while now youtubers have come under attack from the regressive left, we’ve seen them stripped from the rankings for questioning the status quo as SJW’s march blindly on under their one banner. Yet have they now gone too far, has our political correct nanny state got to the point where a billionare can’t pay people to hold up a sign they can’t read saying “Death to all Jews” without coming under attack?


Known for playing video games so you don’t have to; PewDiePie real name Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, that being one of the times I will gladly trade the hits of a video series for only having to type that, has been dropped by Disney; who he was employed by, kind of, through a studio called ‘Maker studios’ for going a bit too far on the old Nazi paraphernalia after working in the flag, the anthem, the salute and a pair of paid Indians holding a sign up calling for death to Jews over the course of his hit youtube videos and that’s just the ones I can be bothered to read about. There are apparently nine of them altogether. You could make it a game and go hunting for them through his channel. It would be like Pokemon Go or when Donald Duck dreamt he was working at a munitions factory in the war, except you know a you tube channel and not as funny.


The star who made 12 million quid from his you tube videos last year alone has at least held his hands up and admitted that some of the stuff was indeed in bad taste though he claims it was all just a laugh and he does not condone “any kind of hateful attitudes”.

The thing is one Nazi joke or even two you can get away with but three or more and people are going to start to question you. How do you think I lost my job at the kindergarten? Remember people if you want to do a few things from a facist government there are plenty more to choose from than just the Third Reich. There’s the Soviet Union, North Korea or depending on who you ask modern day America.

So now that’s he’s lost his place on Twitter due to “jokingly” joining Isis and now loosing his studio place for “jokingly” joining the Nazi party what’s next for the internet star? Well of course I doubt he will truely fade away just for asking for all Jews to die. Many are coming to his defence in the form of hashtags, tweets and renaming their website for him like Andrew Anglin and the Daily Stormer the notorious neo-nazi far right website and number one PewDiePie fansite..


So he’ll probably just make some more videos of him playing jump scare games and squealing like a girl while hoping people buy his game where you can pretend to be someone playing jump scare games and squealing like a girl.


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