What is ‘The Lego Batman Movie’?


Bruce is a dark, sad, lonely, melancholy, Knight but when his greatest nemesis gathers together an entire army of villains to their side he’s going to have to put aside past grievances, grab some super buddies and be a man if he’s going to save the day in…………………………………………


We open with a hijacking of Deus ex machina airlines as the Joker tries to strike fear into the pilots heart while the pilot tries to point out that this won’t work and this kind of thing never works due to always being stopped by, Batman! Sure enough Bruce swings in with a pumping soundtrack to knock out each name checked villain and save the day. Yet despite saving the day once more things are not going well for the caped crusader as the Joker is pushing to take their relationship to the next level, the new chief of police wants Batman to come out of the shadows and people are starting to question how good Batman really is if his villains keep coming back all the time.


He has also managed to get an orphan running around under foot; probably through leaving food out over night, cos you know that’s how you get orphans. So while Alfred takes away his computer privileges until Bruce accept his responsibilities and takes him out for a walk and remembers to feed him, the Joker concocts his most dangerous scheme yet of being thrown into prison meanwhile Batman is making eyes eyes at Barbara Gordon something that will never stop being weird no matter how hard WB try to make it a thing. Just stick to the subtext text you’ve got going on between the Joker and Batman guys, it works better. I mean in comparison.

The movie is good I feel I should say that right now. It beats anything the live action universe has put out since probably the seventies or eighties and even trumps ‘Return of the Caped Crusaders‘ last year. It’s a Batman  movie that knows it’s history and isn’t ashamed of it, at the same time it’s also a movie about Batman being the biggest loner in the world once again. Remember folks not only does Batman have the biggest and best rogues gallery but he also has the biggest and best family to draw upon outside of the actual Justice League or X-men. Batwoman, Batwing, Red Hood and possibly by extension, the Outsiders, The Titans and The Birds of Prey. Sure he’s always been kind of a egotistical douche but seeing him without someone by his side would be like seeing Superman without his undies on the outside. I’m not even sure I’m complaining about dialling him back to “basics” once again, at least not in the same way I do for Raven and her oft repeating story line of paternal world conquest and discovering the meaning of love and or friendship. The fact is that while the joke count is high there isn’t too much underneath to make you care enough for that re watch to catch all the sight gags and Easter eggs. This is a Batman who is dark, moody, douche for the gags of it all not the story.


A lot of people have said the gag count is high, some have compared it to being rabbit punched in the head as they come so thick and fast and I didn’t think that was a bad thing. More land than don’t and after watching some comedies that are devoid of jokes I can make do with the opposite but it hurts the characters. Sure the promised Suicide Squad joke fell flat due to name dropping them the line before hand but most don’t. The thing is Batman is arrogant and egotistical almost to the point of being unlikable where as say Holy Musical ‘Batman’ felt far more vulnerable and real from the opening tune. Yeah lego Bruce softens but never too much or we might miss lines like “Why’d you build this thing with only one seat?” “Because last time I checked I only had one butt.” The Justice League *spoiler* show up for one gag about how they don’t invite Batman to their parties cos he’s a downer or maybe they just don’t like him where as Brian Holden’s Clark is butting heads with Bruce over simple human jealousy.


It’s called the Lego Batman movie rather than the Batman Lego movie. It promises to connect to the grand Lego universe with lines like Gotham being built on two boards over a giant void, that smells of dirty socks. The “nods” get more overt as they carry on which will either please you or disappoint as the Gotham rouges take a back seat to a giant game of Lego dimensions meaning that this is far from a even knowing Bat-flick.

It doesn’t outstay its welcome, it’s witty and clever has a butt load of jokes that work on meta levels, cannon levels and some that work on the simple mention of the word butt. The fight scenes are well thought out and full of energy and enthusiasm that makes you want to leap up and join in. Yet despite a few memes I’m not sure how much it’s going to stick with you definitely to the same degree as ‘The Lego Movie’. Again I’m not saying it’s a bad movie just that if you can’t afford to spring for a ticket right now, or don’t fancy dealing with screaming children, crummy seats, popcorn on the floor and light pollution from someone sending a highly urgent tweet then feel free to stick Holy Musical Batman on you tube and watch that again instead.

Unless you have kids then maybe go for the Lego Batman instead.



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