How to ‘Bring Back Firefly’ (IMO)


So here’s how it is: Firefly got cancelled so the cast went and made a movie to carry on their tale. It was witty and clever, dark and yet hopeful. But seen as how nobody had seen the show nobody went to see the film. A few idiots wouldn’t shut up about it and kept ramming their box sets under peoples noses until they gave up and watched. Since then people have been calling out for more. We’ve had sub par comic runs and MMO’s with voice overs and a damn shiny board game too. But there’s always been a rumour that Fox has a job and Joss is the man to do it and nowadays everyone cares what it is.

But then this is only how I would BRING BACK………………………..


Truth be told the rumours popping up on your facebook feeds are a lot older than most people seem to think and I don’t reckon we will get much beyond them. Most of the old cast have given up on coming back and surely Joss must have learnt his lesson about Fox by now but then again I’m just a guy on a blog telling you how I’d do it.

Okay the first thing we have to deal with is the fact that two of our main cast are dead due to Joss trying to be dramatic in the last act of a movie follow up to a cult hit television series with the knowledge that shock deaths work well for that kind of thing. Meanwhile those that are left are older, fatter and not necessarily wiser. The second problem is that the characters have been flying the verse fighting the good fight for over ten years now. Part of me suspects they’ve either toppled the Alliance by now or been blown to smithereens. Hence why the show wouldn’t be about them. Add to this the fact that to improve upon their audience figures from last time we need to reach a much larger demographic means you’re gonna have to explain what’s happened since last we saw them but also go over what happened in the original series which hard core fans have been rewatching over and over again since it left the airwaves. Plus then you’ve got the question of do you include the game, the comics and your own personal fanfics you’ve been scribbling in your head since we last sailed on Serenity or ignore them and risk alienating that hard core rabid fanbase your hoping to tempt back for another ride at the rodeo after you killed their favourite horse last time, whilst they were riding it.


This is why I say to just ignore it and move on. Just like Star Trek wasn’t all about Jim Kirk why does Firefly have to be all about Malcolm Reynolds? So what say we skip ahead a few years and see what Mal and co got up to over those fifteen or so years from a new point of view. Keep the name, heck you can keep the ship if you want. It looked pretty old and beat up when Mal bought it second hand so who’s to say the leader of a rebellion wouldn’t have opted to upgrade. If we can accept that Han simply misplaced the Falcon on Jakku surely we can buy that Serenity got too beat up after a full blown fire fight or had to be mothballed because it was seen as too recognisable.  That’s assuming you couldn’t just have another Firefly class starship for our plucky band of cowboy adventures. You can have the crew come back for one more go but I would keep it small to start with. Maybe a crusty old drunk in a bar trying to tell everyone how there’s a town out there with a statue of him in it and how Mal wasn’t anywhere as big nor clever as folks make out and most of the work was done by his handsome and talanted right hand man Jayne Cobb. Maybe people know that “in truth” Jayne was a chick, a fellow brown coat and wife to the mustachioed pilot and this guy must have had too many mudders milks for his own good.


Yes I’d have Jayne be the first one back for the sheer irony that maybe he’s all that made it out alive. Not the lovers or the family, the true heroes or believers but simply the guy with the gun and damn fine hat who signed up for a pay check and got way more than he bargained for. This isn’t to say that I would be opposed to bringing anyone else back but just over time, slowly. A cameo here, a name drop there. Maybe the observant would notice the crate of machine parts bearing the name Frye-Tam mechanics or our new crew may encounter a would be gentleman, criminal trying to live up to his uncles name and fancy bowler hat and start his own crime ring in the outer rim amongst the chaos of the past few years.


The true meat of the story would be going back to a wild west space frontier one a lot less bright than Trek or Wars but with a bit more heart and soul. Can the alliance ever fall or did its destruction just mean the rise of chaos or the arrival of something even worse? How long until the Reavers aren’t just raiding settlements but taking them over? It’s been twelve or so years since ‘Serenity’, lets treat those years as a story telling gift rather than a curse. Star Trek has always said it’s about going where no man has gone before but Firefly had a much simpler message; find a crew. Find a ship. Keep flying.

If Firefly is to come back don’t mess it up by diving into some high budget system wide war with a giant info dump at the start, stick to what Firefly was supposed to be, a ship of cowboys telling stories of heart and soul all while living life on the edge of the black. Keep the true adventures of Mal and co as background lore, a treat for those who have done our homework and something for the newbies to discover as the show goes on just as we will be discovering what happened next right alongside them.




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