What is ‘The Best Justice League Ever’?


I’ve told you who the best X-men team would be, now with a movie on the horizon and a relaunch of every book under the sun I’m gonna lay down for who would be the best……………..


Okay a few rules to lay down before we start and just like last time they’re pinched from ‘Geek History Lesson‘ and also like last time I would love to see your competing teams in the comments section below, even if you are obviously wrong.

First up is that it is a eight man team with the following roles you need to dish out;

  • Leader,
  • Strategist,
  • Muscle,
  • Tech,
  • Rookie,
  • Space man/ alien,
  • Outsider,
  • and Wildcard

The other rules are as follows;

  • you can only have one member of the trinity (aka Superman, Wonder Woman or Bruce Wayne Batman),
  • you have to have at least one alien on your team,
  • the rookie and Wildcards can’t have been members of the Justice League before,
  • you can go over the eight man limit if you want
  • and you must have fun.


Only able to have one member of the trinity and needing a leader for my team I opted for the one and only Superman. As the worlds first and greatest hero I kind of felt like I had to have him for the team. Though in my team I would perhaps make him a little more world weary, trying to do too much by himself and stuck in a kind of dark and gritty earth. Think of him as a mish mash of Supes from Kingdom come, New Frontier and with a touch of Kal-L from Infinite Crisis about him.

Superman and Lois


I’ve complained about DC’S treatment of Babs before and how making her “better” is worse than what they did to her in the first place. I would use her sorta like the Martain Manhunter in the Justice League cartoons as the eyes and the ears and often the brains of the team, coordinating, organising and planning.



For my muscle I figured I already had Superman so I didn’t have to worry too much about who got the slot. Thus I went for Power Girl, someone I think could do with more exposure after seemingly drifting through different books ever since leaving the JSA. Heck it seemed to work for Wonder Woman.



My tech choice was probably the easiest espeically with Bruce out of the picture. I need money, gadgets and someone a little more sad sack compared to the rest of the gods and goddess on the team, thus I went for Ted Kord, the Blue Beetle. I first met him on the JLI and would love to see him hang out with a slightly higher caliber of hero where he will either shape up or at least provide some good laughs.

Ted Kord


My rookie comes from one of the first super hero books I ever picked up, Young Justice. Bart was fast, fun and very silly. He also got to hold the mantle of Flash for like two seconds; so I would give it back to him for no other reason than I can. Plus you kind of need a speedster on the team right?

Bart Allen


For my spaceman choice I read the word and went with the first image that popped into my mind. If I’m having a spaceman on my team I want a jet pack wearing, ray gun shooting spaceman straight from some dime store novel. Thus Adam Strange was my only really choice.

Adam Strange


You say ousider and I say Constantine. Ever since really treading all over the super hero genre, in his scruffy doc martins, in Justice League Dark it feels okay to bring him fully in now and have him hanging around the Hall of Justice getting told off for not using the ash trays. Would this be too far for the character would it ruin him forever to see him sat round the big table with a man with undies over his tights, I have no idea. Maybe but I need a real dick on the team as a counter to the big blue boy scout and I can’t think of anyone better.



My wildcard is another rookie getting a promotion and that is Raven. I like Raven, I really do but it feels more and more like she’s a teen damsel in distress and little else. Her daddy is coming to destroy the world, she has to face him on her own cos she’s a weird outsider that nobody likes. She looses then her friends turn up to beat him back with a care bear stare and a talk about how she now has friends/ a family. I’m sure I’ve seen this exact storyline a million times now across comics, t.v series and movies. I want her on this team because I want Superman to take her to one side and tell her that she’s in the Justice League now and it’s time to put on those big girl panties. Cyborg was pretty grown up and mature before he got promoted to the big leagues, maybe that’s why he was chosen. My logic is kind of the opposite for Raven though that of course relies on the writer doing more with her than having her daddy turn up to destroy the world whenever they can’t think of anything better.

Raven drawn by sparks220stars

Raven drawn by sparks220stars

I think this would be a very diverse team with a diverse range of skills and a very very diverse range of personalities giving us some good soap opera clashes and also team ups. A book with John and Superman; a far more good cop bad cop than Bat’s could provide, or a more sweet team up between Babs and Ted geeking out while upgrading the security system only to come under attack and unable to call for help just as they’ve powered it down for the upgrade. Heck Adam and Kora are begging for a pin up style cover with the two of them.

There’s a lot of people who got cut from the League for this list and I think in many ways it was harder to do than my X-men one. I’ve always been a Marvel zombie but thinking back a lot of my first super hero books were DC and so if I’m gonna mention one close call I think would be Kyle Rayner. His first trial with the power ring was another of my first books and plus my team needs a GL in the same way that every team needs a speedster.


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