What is ‘Monty Python Fluxx’?


Monty Python fluxx is far too silly, will make your brain hurt, you’ll never get the cards you want, will cause all kinds of arguments between you and your friends, is completely unexpected, and isn’t the messiah but a very naughty game; know what I mean?

Okay now that I’ve got all the quotes out of the way we can get on with our review of………………


Okay so to start I should probably go over fluxx for those who have never played it. Fluxx starts life as a very simple game that soon spirals out of control. The rules are simple enough to fit on one playing card. Each player starts with a hand of three cards and then on their turn they draw one from the deck and play one. How do you win? Well you can’t; yet. See your hand will contain one of a number of colour coded cards. The pink ones are the goals which are one of the cards you can play on your turn to give something to aim toward so your not sat there all night. The green are the “keepers” you could play one of them instead and these keepers are various items from Monty Python lore, like a holy hand grenade of antioch or a shrubbery. These need to be played, remember one at a time, and if you have those listed on the goal, which hopefully someone; maybe yourself, has played then you win. The black cards are called creepers and will generally stop you from winning even if you have the cards listed on the goal except when they themselves are listed. The blue cards are action cards and will generally cause you to go through the discard pile or swap hands or something to that effect. Finally you have the yellow cards and this is where the fun really begins for the yellow cards are rule cards and will change how the game is played. Now it’s draw five, play six and you can pick up extra cards if you can quote a scene or sing a Monty Python song for everyone.


Now stuff like rules stay on the table and every cards tells you what it does so even if you have never played before you know that a creeper goes on the table in front of you, stops you winning unless it is on the goal and you get to draw a fresh card to replace it making this a very easy game so long as you read your cards. Despite being an easy game its very confusing but what helps is that everyone is in the same boat as everyone else is going to slip up and get confused with the rules changing potentially every turn.


Now fluxx is a great, fun, silly, little game and well worth the ten to fifteen quid your liable to pay for it. The thing with this version is that unlike games like space fluxx Monty Python Fluxx to me easily becomes a case of the best or worst version depending on how you feel about the source material. See with Space Fluxx they take a swing at the likes of 2001, Star Trek and Firefly among others but it doesn’t really matter. If you don’t get the reference you can still play the game. Monty Python Fluxx however literally has a card that asks if you know what it means and likewise has cards that will have Dave to your right singing songs about drunken philosophers while Susan on your left sings about her legs. If you are a Python fan I heartily recommend this game, if your not then maybe stick to Batman or Adventure time.






































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