What’s wrong with ‘X-men: Blue’ Issue 1?


You may think you’ve read that title wrong or I’m under some misapprehension and that this should be another complaint about the racist artwork snuck into yesterdays X-men: Gold. But I read that book and didn’t even notice it so clearly I’m not the guy for that task so instead I shall stick with what I know and complain about………………….

A quick catch up for those not in the know. Due to Fox having the cinematic rights to the X-Men and the Fantastic Four and refusing to play ball with the merry, Marvel studios; Marvel comics have been slowly running the X-men into the ground with bad plots, bad writing and terrible characterisation of pretty much every key member going. Many believe this was in an effort to sour the brand so badly that Fox would sell them back, or at least Galactus and or Doc Doom. Well that hasn’t gone so well for Marvel and now they’re attempting to right the ship before it won’t be worth buying back thus we have two main x-men teams just like in the old days; X-men Gold and X-men Blue. There are a few other titles in this relaunch but most of them aren’t out yet and none are really relevant to what I have to say.

Now X-men Gold is going to be the main X-team going forward based out of new york once more and the Xavier school for higher learning and star Shadow cat, Storm, Phoenix, Logan, Colossus and Nightcrawler. Sure Phoenix has changed codenames and costumes again and Logan is old but other than that the series is trying to get back to the roots with the X-men once more trying to be big dam heroes. Well when they’re not being used as a mouth piece for intolerance.

However as I said this isn’t about them this is about the other team, X-men Blue. This follows the young x-men displaced through time and now unable to return home due to timey-wimey reasons. I won’t go into too much detail on their background as it’s out there if you want it but all you need to know is these are the x-men from right when Xavier opened the school stranded in the present and boy has the present had an effect on them. Angel now has fiery wings, Beast is now a master of the dark arts, Iceman is gay, Marvel girl is in charge and Cyclops is uh still Cyclops. Anyway with the name mutant now in the gutter thanks to Marvel Cyclops the young team are on a mission to make it proud once more. Their first mission to fight Black Tom and Juggernaut who have taken over a cruise ship. I won’t go too much into this bit of the book as it’s a fairly good, little, story; done in one and helps to introduce these all new x-men to people who might not be overly familiar with who they are or what they can do.

The problem starts when they get back to base. For these guys aren’t based out of the Xavier school for higher learning nor the Jean Grey School for higher learning. They’re not from the Xavier institution¬†for mutant education and outreach, nor Utopia or Limbo. Heck they’re not even in the Australian outback. Instead they’re based in Madripoor which is kind of the Marvel universe equivalent of Mos Eisley. Once back we find that they are reporting to Magneto. Not Erik Lehnsherr but Magneto the long time x-foe and current extremist bad ass who has gone down the path of desperate times left by Scott Summers which means he’s marginally more of a good guy then back when he used to sit on his asteroid and or attempt to flip the polarity of the world. This bit I’m unsure of but I’m willing to give it a chance. Is he genuinely out to do good or simply using the young x-men for his own ends. The way he’s got his helmet on around Jean, got creepy glowing yellow eyes thanks to dramatic lighting and is shrouded in smoke and mist clearly is meant to lead us one way. Also the fact they they helpfully list him as “Magneto: Master of Magnetism. The X-men’s oldest enemy” helps. But it might be fun to find out, I hope they won’t go for the obvious dark side betrayal it might be fun to do something different with him for once.

No my problem is the back up story where the Wendigo is terrorising a town up north and manages to come across a young mutant by the name of Jimmy Hudson. You remember Jimmy Hudson right? He was the son of Wolverine from the Ultimate Universe, revealed after Marvel trashed the place in Ultimatum and needed a replacement for the feral mutant they had just killed along side all the others. You don’t remember him? Of course you don’t because nobody was reading any Ultimate book by that point outside of Spiderman. That’s why they blew it up in Secret Wars saving only Miles Morales. Why we’ve decided to reuse this old nobody I’m not sure but what it means is that without resurrecting Wolverine himself we now have three of them running around the world being the best at what they each individually do, I presume. I can only guess that this is so that when we do eventually bring James Howlett back we can stick him on the Avengers and not have to explain how he manages to be on every team going while making time for his own solo title. Well that and more immediately we can not run the risk of having an x-title without a Wolverine.

Maybe they won’t go down the obvious route with Magento and maybe they have a plan for Jimmy other than being the teams token feral bad ass but right now I’m not so sure and that ruins a potentially decent comic.


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