How I would do ‘MCU: Phase 4’


We’ve now had about ten years of Marvel movies and we’re pretty much locked in for another ten but despite their master plan we actually don’t know how we’re getting their. Is this so they don’t spoil their own presentations again by confirming the likes of Iron Man 3 and Thor before Avengers is even out or is that because right now so much of it is up in the air? Either way once Avengers 4 hits theatres in 2019 we’re at the end of Phase 3 and this is how I would tackle ……………………..

Okay so once again I’m pretty much just responding to ‘Geek History Lesson‘ with a pitch for how I would run phase 4 of the MCU. With a start date in late 2019 or early 2020 the aim is to outline at least five movies you would include in that wave bearing in mind that Guardians and Spiderman are already locked in. That’s not to say these five will be the only movies in the wave as counting Avengers four as the end point it looks like Phase 3 gets eleven by my reckoning and that’s after bumping ‘The Inhumans’ down to the small screen. Each of your five movies has to come with an elevator pitch, you can’t wipe the slate clean and hope every pops it in ‘Infinity War’ and you can’t retcon anything. Well at least anything major. You also have to give us a bit on how this will help shape your Marvel universe going forward.

Okay so my overview is that Marvel has a few big problems going into Phase 4 and that’s ignoring the superhero fatigue people keep going on about. The first is that we’re getting off the end of a ten year build up to a major villain plus we have no major villains outside Thanos and Tom Hiddleston. Oh yeah and we’re soon gonna fall victim to the same plague that killed the Ultimate Universe we love so much. For those who don’t know the Ultimate Universe was pitched as an alternative to the main line of comics that offered no decades long thread of continuity to wrap your head around and a much “darker” more “realistic” take on the whole thing. Now yes the mainline comics beat them by having a civil war not too long after the Ultimate line launched but truth be told they were fairly soon tripping over their own feet continuity wise anyway. The same can be said for the MCU right now with three movies a year god knows how many t.v shows and dvd extras all being part of the storyline you have to follow. Except when they’re too cool to mention them and thus make them sound like pound-land knockoffs, or are treated like an annoying younger sibling that’s just getting under foot. Finally is the sense that we are going to have to top what we’ve just done with something bigger, cooler and all round betterer. A problem that almost all major comics are currently falling into.

Thus the plan going forward will be to give the MCU a bit more freedom in what stories they tell, let everything stand on their own and yet get a bit more freedom in bringing it all together when they want to. This is a MCU that’s going to play a bit more loosey goosey, tell new stories and not worry too much about the bigger picture. There will be no major over arching story to this phase but more a sense that you are watching each of these because you want to not because you have to to keep up with the story and get the reference in the movie you do want to see down the line.

Oh and most of these will have a villain that *spoiler* lives beyond the end credits in a bid to find one or two decent ones.


First up is the movie we’ve all been waiting for, the Black Widow “stand alone”. Now it could be Budapest or it could end up being something more up to date but either way an adventure with our two favourite agents of shield could be fun giving us a slightly “older” movie showing how S.H.I.E.L.D tackled super villains before Tony Stank came along. This will not be an origin story and the reason why can be seen by the last Scar-Jo action movie. This will give the two background characters a bit more focus and screen time before they depart and serve as a gauge for the public’s interest in a S.H.I.E.L.D movie without having to answer the questions of why they don’t just call the Avengers.

Spiderman/ Daredevil

We know we’re getting a new Spiderman movie thus I want to help tie the television and the movies together hopefully before Sony take their ball and head home if rumours are to be believed. This crossover won’t be a build up of the MCU but more of just a  fun way to join the two with a stance that people don’t need to have seen the other to enjoy the movie and can instead just watch a darker and more cynical adult team up with a light hearted teen. Think of this less as a modern Marvel team up and more like the classic ones where the company were trying to get people interested in a different title, because the writer couldn’t think of anything better for this months comic or maybe, just maybe because they have a good story to tell.

Captain Marvel 2

I’m gonna assume S.H.I.E.L.D will be off the air by 2020, heck I’m gonna assume S.H.I.E.L.D will be off the air by the time this post goes up. This is a shame, despite the fact that I bailed on the show before the episodes reached double digits, I like the idea of giving them a movie budget and no hang ups about who owns what and so on. Unfortunately this means that Marvels first female superhero is going to be leading a more ensemble piece than perhaps some would like. This will hopefully help her to stand apart from the rather copy and paste Marvel heroes we’ve been getting and allow her to go places they couldn’t. This will be done by placing her in charge of S.H.I.E.L.D/ S.T.R.I.K.E/ S.W.O.R.D/ the Carol Corp/ whoever; once the higher ups realise that their premier world defence force has relied on top agents who wield shocking bracelets and bows and arrows in a world that has alien invasions, demons and worse. If they can find a place for Quake or Colson in  this movie than all the better if not then Carol will still be leading a James Bond/Mission Impossible esque super hero franchise that can go from Madripoor to the Savage Land, Atlantis to the dark side of the moon.

New Avengers 

In a world that brags about it’s own continuity Marvel has fallen down a bit when it comes to asking why Cap doesn’t have half their phone numbers on speed dial going off ‘Winter Soldier‘. Thus my pitch for the Avengers going forward from ‘Infinity War’ would be for them to stand apart from the solo heroes, maybe link up once in a while but otherwise give a little breathing room to the people who don’t get their own movie every other summer. Expect the likes of Scarlet Witch, Vision and maybe a few newbies like Female Thor or She Hulk.

Howard the Duck

Now I’m not saying it has to be Howard the Duck but Marvel movies have got very samey as time has gone on and I think they need to give us something different. We’ve had a new solo hero in every previous phase and a low key adventure about a Duck P.I from another dimension might be the key to spreading their wings and trying something different without leaving behind their shared universe and continuity. While I would accept a rom com or a horror movie from the studio for this spot, this is a little closer to home and despite what many would assume a little less of a gamble.


2 thoughts on “How I would do ‘MCU: Phase 4’

  1. This was an enjoyable read, and I definitely like your ideas. Who knows what they have in store for us the coming years? So far it has been great, but I do have to say that while watching dr. Strange I felt the first signs that the movies were becoming a bit too predictable for their own good. Anyways, who know, maybe Marvel will have a look at your post and inplement your ideas. Stranger things have happened 😀

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