What is ‘The Best Avengers Team’?


Okay, nice simple one for you this time. Two newbies, eight roles, almost no restrictions for the best ever team of………………………


Once more stolen from “hit”, “podcast”, “Geek History Lesson” I shall be presenting to you the best ever Avengers team; of my own creation. Typical rules apply of sticking to the right universe so no Superman, Hellboy or Dredd. Also try to stick to the main roles as laid out, those being:

  • Leader
  • Muscle
  • Tech
  • Rebel
  • Magic
  • Outsider
  • Wildcard
  • Rookie

With the wild card new to the title of Avenger and the Rookie new to super heroics in general. You can go over the base eight if you want and you must at least try and have fun.

So without any more padding and stalling I present to you my leader, aka …………………………

Leader: Brian Braddockcaptain-britain

You’d think Brian would be a little too low key to be heading up the premier Marvel super team but there is a call for him since his cover of U.S.Avengers managed to top the charts. Plus I miss Excalibur. Okay so it’s not like he’s truly disappeared from view with starring roles in titles like MI:13 but still.

Muscle: Strong guy


For those who don’t know Strong Guy, remember back in the nineties when they gave superheroes ridiculous over done muscles. His power is basically that. Last we saw him he was a soulless being vying for control of hell. We’re gonna just assume he’s over all that and back to the lovable goof with the tortured heart.

Tech: Dr. Henry Jonathan “Hank” Pym


I chose Hank for kind of the same reason I chose Raven for the Justice League. Hank has had a loose grip on reality for some years in the comics now to the point where it’s kind of become his defining trait. Yes he joined the masters of evil and yes he hit Janet but Reed has hit Sue before and we’ve apparently given him a pass. Heck Batman hit Robin and we just made a meme out of it. Granted that was an alternative reality Batman obsessed with killing Superman but still. Anyway I chose Hank as a founding Avenger, tech genius elder statesman type of role. Think Jay or Alan from the JSA.

Rebel: Kate Bishop


I guess we need a muggle with a neolithic weapon and so I picked Hawkeye aka Kate Bishop. Plus as we’ve seen in her ongoing, Kate is pretty good private dick and is more likely to hit the streets for clues than the rest of my super team who are maybe a little “too big” for that sort of thing. Well apart from Strong Guy. I think they’d work well together actually. Kate would be a good ground level hero that will keep my team from getting ideas above their station. She’s fairly new but I reckon she can control any fan girl squeeing to they’re at least out of the field. Of course Lucky comes too.

Magic: Elsa Bloodstone


With a magic user you tend to go straight for the Dr Strange/Fate type; a grand magic user able to reshape reality. Despite this being one of the premier super teams I chose someone who can identify magic and then shoot it in the face with her boom stick. Elsa will be on hand for the nitty gritty fight scenes against monsters from other dimensions and low key thugs trying to rob a bank. Plus if I need some actual spells throwing I’ve got someone later on who may be able to cover us in that regard.

Outsider: Nick Fury senior


For my outsider I chose the original Nick Fury, partly to keep an eye and a steady hand on my Wildcard but also as a way to slightly elevate the team. I’ll admit right now they’re all a bit c-list (at best) and I’m not saying that Nick carries enough weight any more to bump them up to the A game but you might pay more attention to them. Nick, especially in recent years, isn’t so much the grand chess master as someone playing 3-d chess without telling anyone else the rules nor that they are indeed playing. Is he here to get back to just punching people in the face and offering some know how on how to best go about that or is there something more. Ideally not only will the readers be asking that but so will his team mates.

Wildcard-Dr Doom


Doom is a good guy now. Why I’m not sure, I don’t think anyone really knows, except maybe Doom “who knows all”. I think to be honest it’s because there isn’t much for him to do while Reed is on holiday. Doom playing nice on a team where he isn’t even the lead should be fun to watch in my opinion.

Rookie- The Captain


With Rookies it’s easy to just pick whichever bright eyed young scamp is new to the scene and slap them on the team and be done with it. This guy has had two trade paper backs with a bunch of other yahoos before apparently fading into obscurity. I’d bring him back and whack him up to the big leagues were hopefully he will be more trouble than he’s worth. Plus this way we’re two fifths of the way to NEXTWAVE!



I always like my teams to feel distinctive and unique and so this one was quite hard overall to put together as it feels like we’ve had pretty much every combination of ‘tights’ you can think of. This isn’t the cream of the Marvel Universe and that’s how I like it. I want plenty of personality clashes, a book that doesn’t take itself to seriously and a  visible gap between where my team stands at the start of a story and where they need to be to save the day. They’re not under powered but they ain’t your first call when Thanos comes attacking.

For close calls I think I’d go with Squirrel Girl who I struggled to fit into one of the roles provided and so was left to one side for maybe a late addition or background character.



4 thoughts on “What is ‘The Best Avengers Team’?

  1. I think I’ll go with:

    Leader: Monica Rambeau
    Muscle: Hulkling
    Tech: Blue Marvel
    Rebel: Mockingbird
    Magic: Wiccan
    Outsider: Kitty Pryde
    Wildcard: Magik
    Rookie: Sera

    This line-up is actually pretty magic-heavy, with Magik and Sera both specializing in it. (Even more than Wiccan, whose power is actually reality-warping.) It’s also science-heavy, with Blue Marvel being a tech genius, Mockingbird being a biologist, and Kitty being a computer genius. And it’s really powerful. And also has some stealth experts. Also nicely diverse, with three POC, two gay guys, and a trans woman (and Kitty and Illyana both have vast amounts of subtext).

    This would be an odd line-up. Fun, though.

    • I like odd in line ups, nothing worse than a paint by numbers team and I admit that my teams pretty much always lack actual real relationships between people that often add those bits of joy to the book like you have with Wiccan and Hulkling and yes Magik and Kitty.
      I can easily see your team being like the walking example of “any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic” as the two sides kind of help blur the line.
      I would read that book!

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