What will be wrong with ‘Star Trek 14’?


Right now we don’t know a whole lot about ‘Star Trek: Untitled’, the “soon” to be forth film in the kelvin timeline and fourteenth Star Trek film all together. So why then is the most popular theory atm being that it will end the nuTrek timeline and more importantly why are they wrong. This is what I think we’re going to see in …………..

Going off the entirely reputable source that is imdb; the only thing we know about the next Trek so far is that Pine, Quinto and Cho are back as their respective characters and they aren’t the only familiar face returning. For we are set to get Chris Hemsworth back as George Kirk. For those who don’t remember George Kirk he is Jim’s pappy who died aboard the U.S.S Kelvin fighting Nero and allowing the rest of the crew to flee aboard the shuttle craft and escape pods. Why would they bring him back, well the real world reason is that when they had him he was a nobody whose biggest role at the time was a three year stint on Home and Away. Now he’s one of the biggest stars on the block thanks to Thor, a ripped bod and a great sense of humour.

Now that your bit part player is out shinning most of your cast it kind of makes sense to bring him back for another go round. I mean they got him in a for sequel to Snow White that didn’t even have Snow White in it. The question is though how are we going to get him back fr this one, after he crashed his ship and then promptly exploded. Well the current theory is time travel.

This ties into the death of the Kelvin ‘verse with the idea being that Jim Kirk and co will head back to save his Dad and this will in turn avert the Kelvin ‘verse from existing in the first place. This is a possibility though it is wrong. First off let’s get the idea that Nero created the time line in the first place out of the way through the growing amount of comics, games and movies which show us that this isn’t the case. The Kelvin itself is a prime example, grotesquely over sized for other ships of that era, a window stuck on the bridge and the logo on each uniform that at the time was limited to the Enterprise. Since then we’ve had a few other nods and references that the two time lines didn’t quite match before Eric Bana got involved. The second big problem is that they have gone through all this trouble to set up their new universe; why then would they blow it up after only four movies? Some have argued that it is due to Discovery coming down the pipe, but at the moment that pipe is a sewer pipe and it’s possible there is a clog.

So then if we’re not going back to save Daddy dearest how will Chris be beaming back for another round? Well the simple answer is the Borg. J.J is back for another Trek movie and that means scrolling down the list of what people like about the classics and just doing that with some lens flare, explosions and boobs thrown over the top like a really weird filter. But how I hear you cry into your mouse like it’s some weird voice activated computer designed in the eighties.

Well believe it or not the Borg have been around the Kelvin timeline before. Or close enough to it. For that we must go all the way back to ‘Star Trek: Countdown’ a rather paint by numbers lead in series written by Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman the two writers behind the first two nuTrek films and writers of the original pitch for the third. In that book Nero does not take the collapse of the Romulan star empire very well and so teams up with the Tal Shiar to outfit his mining vessel with stolen Borg tech the Romulans apparently had lying around. With this he intends to go out and seek vengeance on those who let his home world burn. Thus while Hemsworth died saving his wife and son he did fling his body against the giant hunka hunka Borg technology and it’s possible through bad writing that it will be able to reanimate him for it’s own ends.

This would then solve the other problem Trek has and that is bad guys. What better bad guy than having our daddy issue plagued lead having to face down said daddy for the fate of the universe. Now the only downside to this notion is that the Trek comics ‘boldly go’ have already done the Borg. Note that they don’t get around to the Narada, as it had previously been destroyed at the end of Star 09, but that would leave the writers in the awkward position of does Kirk and co recognise the Borg, thus acknowledging the comics and leaving potential viewers confused or do they have to have the Borg explained to them which would help the viewers but admit to one and all that the comics aint cannon?

Please note than I am not saying that any of this is a good idea or will be well handled, just that this is what I think we’re gonna have to face in Star Trek 4.



8 thoughts on “What will be wrong with ‘Star Trek 14’?

  1. I would love it if the Borg were to return. They have always been my favorite enemy in Star Trek. To have them make an appearance again, would really be awesome. Having seen the trailer girl the new Star Trek series that will be coming out later, I can’t say that I became enthusiastic for it. I hope I am proven wrong, and that it will be good 😊

    • I agree, this was written just before the new trailer came out and now that I’ve seen it I believe we will actually now get the series but I’m not won over. There were some nice touches in there but a lot of, not bad stuff just bleh stuff if that makes sense.

  2. The Borg are the big baddies of the Trek universe, so would not be surprised if they are used, although their introduction in this timeline would be problematic.

    Your comparison of Discovery as a clog made me laugh!

    • As you say it would be a problematic entry with lots of, imo, needless exposition to explain it away which was something the first movie suffered from imo compared to things like the new Battlestar Galactica which just got on with it.
      I should point out this was written just before we got a trailer and now I actually believe we will get the show at some point though I’m still not convinced it will be good. Though I am a bit of a pessimist.

      • I’m nervous about a bait and switch with Discovery. I don’t want to pay for the episodes and then have them suck.

      • I suppose I’m lucky if as memory serves over here we’re getting it via netflix but I can understand not wanting to sign up for a service for this. I think this could be a good dvd purchase 😉

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