What is ‘the best Fantastic Four’?


So we’ve rounded up what mutants we have left for an all new x team and then we’ve renovated the hall of justice with a brand new JLA. The question is though, what do you do when you’re not doing a team? What happens when you’re handed a family instead. This is my………………………..


Okay so just like before I’m nicking this wholesale from Geek History Lesson, go give them a like or a poke or whatever people do on the internet these days. Also, like before, there are some rules I shall now lay out for you so that you can play along at home.

The first is that you can only have four members. This is kind of obvious really as they are the fantastic four. The second is that these should be broken down into simple to understand archetypes.

  • Number one the leader. This can be the only one of the original four on the team so choose wisely.
  • Number two the co-leader. The FF have had a lot of reserve members over the years. You can if you so wish choose one of them to go here.
  • Number three the wildcard. The unpredictable loose cannon member of the team. The Riggs if you will.
  • Number four the rookie. The inexperienced young gun.

Okay I’m not saying I’m the worlds biggest FF fan or anything but what I will say is that if I ask you to picture say the X-men you’re all going to picture an at least slightly different team. Maybe the team from the first comic you picked up or maybe the guys from the movies or the old animated series. The same goes for the Justice League but odds are if I ask you to picture the FF then ninety nine percent of you are picturing the exact same line up. Reed, Sue, Ben and Johnny. Now I can pick any one of these to head up my team out of the old Baxter Building but I don’t really want to. The idea of Reed or any of the others still knocking around the place without the other three just makes me think of that old Teen titans episode where future Cyborg is still banging around the tower without his friends. We’ve had members drop out before for marriages, births and deaths but there was usually at least two of the old guard still there. Thus while I can have anyone of them for my leader role I shall instead have………….

Leader: Spiderman

He’s pretty much the official fifth beetle by this point. He’s been off and on with them for years; best buds with Johnny, replacement for Johnny and sparring partner for Johnny as we saw in Amazing Spider-Man number 3. In truth I didn’t pick him because he’s the current owner of the Baxter Building but it helps. I also like the idea of Peter leading a team. He’s not the street level rookie anymore as I’ve mentioned previously and while he’s headed up a few spider based teams in events like Spider-verse I would kind of like to see him head up a non-spider based team and what better choice than the Fantastic Four.


Co-leader: Ms. Thing

This wouldn’t be the first time we’ve replaced the Richards family and while some may be thinking of the weird Hulk, Wolvie, Ghost Rider, Spidey team that Marvel keeps resurrecting for some reason my fave FF stand in was the Scott Lang helmed team that had the job of filling in for the team for four minutes but manages to go toe to toe with Doom and “The Council of Dooms!” So you may be asking who am I picking from that line up to back Parker up. Medusa to cash in on the Inhumans interest? She-Hulk? Scott Lang? Nope I want the last minute stand in chosen by Johnny after a wild one night stand when he suddenly remembered he was supposed to pick a back up for him for the trip ahead. Real name Darla Deering a flash in the pan pop star who wears two rings that she can slam together with the call of “Thing rings do your thing.” to gain the power and lower exo-skeleton of ‘The Thing’. Since then nothing. So while the other three have things in the pan right now lets get her back. Plus she’s a rather green rookie to contrast the actual rookie I’ve got lined up.


Wildcard: Namor

This one I think speaks for itself. He’s had a history that practically makes him a FF character despite his history. He’s got the experience to bring a lot but without the cool level head that would leave people asking why he ain’t the leader. Well everyone except him. We don’t want Peter’s first super team to be too easy now do we?


Rookie: Ms Marvel

Okay so now we need a rookie and I admit it’s tempting to say I put her here because she is probably the most popular teen superhero slouching around the Marvel universe at the moment but truth be told the reason I picked her is her Inhuman ancestry, something else that the FF pretty much brought to the 616. Even on the Avengers she’s in the junior line up with folks like Miles where as on a four man team there isn’t any room for “junior” members. On the Challangers she’s hanging around with a bunch of peers but nobody to really learn from directly. She will have the youthful energy and enthusiasm I want from a rookie paling around with Spiderman and being one of the Fantastic Four but by now she has enough combat experiance to balance out the more “adult” Ms Thing. So I figured she can be my token inhumans hire.


I know I usually have some reserve members or close calls down here but there isn’t any for this one so I shall instead add my fifth member H.E.R.B.I.E




2 thoughts on “What is ‘the best Fantastic Four’?

  1. You have put together a pretty good team. Interesting choices. With all the things that Marvel keeps changing in their books, who knows: they might actually go with this line up one day 😊

    • Considering I got the leader of the x-men right (eventually) and there’s talk about Doom joining the Avengers I seem to have a decent track record 😉

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