What is ‘Mythica: The Godslayer’?


Or Mythica the Dragon slayer as it is known over here which doesn’t make sense for as I recall there is only one dragon in the movie and he isn’t even insulted by the end of the movie never mind slain. So after four other movies and some ups and downs and some more downs here we are on the final part of the Mythica tale…………

We begin with an assault on a city by the dark lords forces, which city isn’t really important as from what we can gather it’s like this across the board. Every time a civvie falls they are called back into service of the dark one and thus the world is slowly falling to his sway. The fighter and the cleric are doing what they can to stem the tide of destruction but despite one of them having a god inside their head they don’t seem to be doing too much. In fact they are doing so badly that they pluck some random guy out of the crowd and tell him to ride off into the big wide world to find the other two party members and tell them to hurry up with their world saving quest all of this despite the fact that nobody knows where they are or quite what they are up to, including them.

It seems that rather than hurrying up with their quest for Tek’s camping mallet of doom they are spending their time to trying to cram in some back story to make their lives seem all the more tragic. She’s an orphan and he is it turns out is also an orphan though one who knew his mother long enough to be upset at seeing her die. There is a little bit more to it than this, especially in terms of Marek and the darkspore and how it links to her gypsy mother, who it turns out everyone pretty much knew all along and just didn’t bother telling her but you don’t really need to waste your time with that. The battle wagon and zombie slave girl are soon dropped off with a passing family as they hike off into some of the best sets of the series with nary a cgi snowflake over a desert terrain tile in sight.

There’s a cameo from the drunken dwarf and also from Hodor who is plastered on every box cover despite not making it in till way past the half way mark in a very small but plot crucial scene. In fact I’d go so far as to say it seems a bit cheap to promote him so much, sure ‘Sleeping Beauty‘ also slapped Lord ‘Iron Fist’ Tyrell all over their cover but that’s because he was pretty much the main star. Kevin Sorbo is back as well with more to say and do now that he’s dead than in the first three movies combined though that’s not saying much really. Our villain is trying to win the lead over with seductive talks but let down by any real build up for him and the fact that the dark spore is now hanging around his chest making him look like one of those cheap pound store toys that lacks any decent articulation and so sticks a bulb in the chest and calls it a feature. Which is a shame because Mercer is actually pretty good here and you wish looking back they’d used him a bit more or at least tried to give us some of this motivation and back story for him and our two leads earlier in the series. It’s not a bad end to a series but you’d be hard pressed to say that the whole thing was worth it. Then again that seems to be a problem with most modern fantasy these days taking several door stoppers to tell the kind of tale that used to be done in three at a push. It’s a strange criticism to look back and think that not only did this whole thing go on too long but also need some desperate fleshing out and fore thought bringing to the table. ‘The Hobbit’ got a decent trim down into a one movie epic and maybe one day somebody can do the same here bringing it into a decent sized trilogy rather than the wayward sprawl we got.

The special effects are at their best here and I don’t think you can say one actor lets the side down here. With Tesco selling the whole saga off now for ten quid it’s probably the best time to give the whole thing a go and I would be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy myself but if this was for some reason you’re first foray into Mythica then I think it would still be tough sell to convince you to go back to the beginning to see where it all started. If you are interested though maybe give ‘Rise of the Shadow Warrior’ a try first. It’s a one and done sword and sorcery that will give you a taste of what you’re in for, for a fraction of the price.

2 thoughts on “What is ‘Mythica: The Godslayer’?

  1. Roken

    Having binged the whole lot on Amazon Prime. I find little to disagree with, though I can, of course, find something. You suggest that the CGI in the Dragon Slayer (or God Slayer – whatever it is) is “at its’ best”. You surely set yourself low standards in this regard.

    Of course, if, as I did, you are happy to turn your brain off for a while, it’s entertaining enough. There are enough plot holes to keep you occupied for an eternity, and I could probably carve less wooden characters.

    It would be nice to see someone eventually get around to a live action movie of the Dragonlance Chronicles, though I pray they have a bigger budget and more talent than this had.

    • Looking back I do think this was enjoyable fluff. Not GoT or LotR but not really trying to be and yes by that point the bar was fairly low XD. As for Dragonlance I almost enjoyed the cartoon movie they did. Though the decision to cram so much into one short movie as well as mix traditional animation with cgi (which made it look like a mid 90’s Marvel cartoon) will mean that when and or if we ever get that live action movie it will be viewed the same way the animated LotR movie is.

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