What is ‘Star Trek: Hidden Frontier Two Hours’?


The Independence is caught in 29th Century intrigue when the crew discovers a legendary event in the past may have occurred due to tampering with the timeline in ……………………………..

Apparantly Captain Knapp and the Excelsior will be taking this week off so we’re left with Commander Joseph Johns and the Sovereign class Independence they just happen to have lying around the place. It seems strange readings have turned up at the other end of the briar patch so we need someone to investigate because nominally Starfleet is still about exploration and discovering the unknown. Once there we find a strange portal in the sky and a federation time ship opening fire. With no way of beating them they do the only “logical” course of action and jump through the a fore mentioned magic portal and that’s where things start to go wrong and I don’t just mean for them.

Sent spiralling across time and space the crew find themselves hovering over the sinking of the R.M.S Titanic with no way back and the worry that things are only going to go down hill from here. They’re right to think so because they will and again I don’t mean for them though they are all going to die in under twenty minutes so maybe it’s not going great for them either. It seems some strange new type of tractor beam is what pulled the ice berg into the legendary ships way and so the crew must investigate to hopefully set right what once went wrong and hope that the next magical sky portal, will be the sky portal home.

With transporters down and shuttle craft absent for no real reason the crew does the only logical thing and has one of them take a running leap over to the ship. Okay they don’t do that because it would be really dumb, no they just take the captains yacht instead. The choice to pump the Titanic soundtrack over the speakers instead of Gilbert and Sullivan is a questionable one but I’ve got to say it manages to work. Just. From here it’s a race against time to find out who sunk the Titanic and why.

Now do you remember back in the early days of Voyager where they were stuck on the other side of the Galaxy with two polar opposite crews and a tiny ship missing half their key staff and yet they spent their first three or so seasons doing old tng episodes? Or do you remember when they first bought Deep Space Nine online, found a gateway to the other end of the galaxy and had to deal with their Cardassian neighbours and a planet of religious zealots that they had to bring into the fold and they just spent the first three seasons doing old tng episodes? Well this is the equivalent of that. Only worse.

Why were any of the ships in the twenty forth century to begin with? Why to drop off the Titanic survivors of course.

How are we going to fix all this? Why by blowing up the ship and thus making this a reset button episode where you are supposed to question if any of that actually happened of course.

Why did the time criminal go so far back to kill off a rivals family?

What did he mean that they had done this before?

Why could they get Charles Lightoller’s name right but not the prefix of the ship?

This is not a good episode and one you can fairly safely skip over if you want to. It get’s points for not falling into the typical Star Trek fan film holes of bringing back long dead villains from fan favourite episodes and explaining every throw away line and thus making the whole galaxy feel just that little bit smaller. No this is a fan film film version of one of those boring filler episodes.


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