What is ‘Star Trek: Hidden Frontier Echoes’?


The Grey are back, but the only one who can stop them may not be willing to help in………………..

It seems Captain Cranky Knapp is having to do a public anouncement to the free peoples of the Briar patch. This isn’t a bad idea in terms of the script as it fleshes out the role of supreme commander in a believable way that the shows never showed. In universe however it’s not so hot as the captain is not so good at this job as he mixes and mangles his way through the speech each week requiring multiple takes and free holosuite passes to be handed out for those attending to keep them sweet. Why they need passes on the money-less federation station isn’t explained. Meanwhile Lt Witczak is once more hitting on his boss and getting nowhere.

Fortunately we are saved from both of these things by a Tzen Kethi attack who have taken a prisoner that nobody noticed nor cared about and thus they must shoot lasers at the station until someone pays them attention. This mysterious stranger is non other than Wesley Crusher back from his holiday with the traveller after he got bored being an omnipotent god and most importantly rather lonley, though rather than heading back to the fleet or the Enterprise opted to settle down on an isolated back water planet with nobody around for several lightyears. I guess so that no one could tell him to shut up.

Anyway he’s been found and kidnapped and now the Tzen Kethi would like something for their trouble. The captain offers a quantum torpedo in exchange for their prisoner which the Tzen Kethi eventually, reluctantly agree. If this is linked to the later grey attack I must have fallen asleep and missed it because from what I can recall we simply have a brief catch up between Robin and Wes where we establish that they are most definitely a thing and that this is indeed that Wes Crusher despite being a completely different looking actor who is now balder than Jean-Luc Picard after a shave. Though considering the purple tinted Hitler mop that Wil Wheaton is currently sporting I’ve got to say that’s an improvement.

While he is recovering in sick bay we find out that the Tzen Kethi are under attack from a Grey warship. By which I mean the species the Grey not just a warship painted grey. You might be forgiven for making that mistake as they’ve been absent since episode one despite supposedly being the main plot of the series. The Excelsior, currently docked at Deep Space 12 where we are constantly show multiple ships and packed space ways, is right now the only ship in range and must go face them alone until the fifth fleet can come and help. Outgunned and with time running out Robin implores Wes to make use of his god like powers to help them. He refuses of course because it wouldn’t be a very dramatic episode other wise and instead gives us a crash course on nanites and how he hopes to use them to bring down the Grey.

Will he succeed? Well he’s offered the second officers post by the episodes end so I’ll leave up to you to figure out. This episode tries to right the ship by seasons end and give us as best start to series two as we can and for the most part it succeeds. The crew is finally all here; sort of, mostly, and the Grey are once again on everyone’s mind. It’s not a smooth episode by any means but it’s far from the worst of the season. Like most of Star Trek you can skip most of this season barring the opening episode and not to be too fussed later down the line.


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