What is “3 Wishes”?


If you had three wishes what would you wish for? A pet draon? World peace? A micro card game for under seven quid? But is this a genie in a bottle or a monkeys paw? There’s only one way to find out and that’s review ……………………………………………..


The game itself is fairly simple, as you would expect for eighteen cards and a few cubes. There are when it all gets down to it only three types of wishes; powers, gifts and world altering affects. So for instance you could have time travel, a spaceship and cold fusion. By the end of the game you need one of each of these types of wishes in front of you. The problem is all the cards are face down so you don’t actually know what you have. Thus on your turn you can do one of three actions.

  • You can look at any one card on the table.
  • You can Swap any two cards on the table.
  • You can shuffle the three cards in front of you and look at one.

The first lets you figure out what you have or what you want. The second lets you get what you want or stop someone else when they’re looking to smug or self assured and the third hopefully stops people taking the card you really want that they rudely peeked at on their turn. You can do any combination of said actions so long as you only do two. Once you hit round four and your confident in the cards before you, you can call time and end the game.


This makes for a very simple game as much about memorisation as any gaming you might do. It can be taught and enjoyed by “gamers”, families and newbs equally. Now for the “problem”. There is a reason they don’t let you end the game till turn four and that’s to try and get the game to last. It’s so simple and easy to master that each round can sometimes only last a minute or two giving a game a lifespan typically under the double digits. Even compared to games like “Love Letter” it flies by. This means that you don’t ever feel like you’re getting stuck into the game and instead just passing time while you wait for someone to bring the next game through or unload all the pieces from their sprawling dungeon crawl. It’s a good filler game but little more but if that’s all you’re after or you at least know what you’re getting into then you’ll probably enjoy it for what it is.


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