My First ‘X-wing Tournament’ (Part 2)


This is how it went when I went down to my flgs yesterday for my first tournament of………………….

So I put together a fun list and headed down for a bog standard basic tournament of x-wing. No special rules; just face as many people in as many rounds as the time would allow and try to win as many times as possible. At the end the winners would get a card everyone else would get a different card and some people got some tokens. As you may have guessed from my post yesterday I hoped the force would be with me.

My first match was against a knock off Boba Fett, two z-95’s which for those who don’t know are kind of like knock off x-wings and a very dirty looking Y-wing. This was the tournaments lone Scum player. This was the closest match I fought and the only one I won. After focusing fire on the Firespray and getting some solid hits I managed to get a solid win only loosing the Mouldy Crow in the process. This would start a running trend for my games and while I figured the ship might be a somewhat sacrificial pig I wasn’t prepared for quite how easy it would be to take down or how often it would fall or even how little it would add to the over all fight. The only time it wasn’t destroyed is when a tractor beam sent it flying off the board due to being unable to pull up in time.

My next game was against a pairing of Corran Horn and Chewbacca flying the Falcon. I don’t feel too bad about this one seen as how I gave him the idea for the list and so him wiping the floor with me with me barely taking out his shields kind of proves me right. So this was a moral victory.

The next match was against Captain Nym, Ahsoka in a stolen tie fighter and a Wookie who was definitely not in a ‘Life Day’ type mood. This game could have been won in theory thanks to the assault missiles that landed a lucky hit and due to his other two ships being close by at the time they too received a wound. Thus if I’d lasted another round or two I could have maybe at least taken a ship or two out before I went. However I didn’t.

The final list I faced was the lone Imperial player who flew two T.I.E defenders and the Inquisitor, another Rebels character. This was the biggest failure of the day, yes even worse than Corran Horn and Chewie taking me out without me so much as scratching their paint work. This is the game that saw the Crow fly off the board and saw me beaten in about ten minutes leaving me and the other player with a rough hour before the rounds end.

What I learnt

Some of the things I learnt from this other than how right I was with some of my worries and how I didn’t worry enough about others, the stress did affect both of them at one point to the extent that they were boxed in and beaten and Dash’s Doughnut hole was still exploited despite having a boost and barrel role open to him, were;

Don’t worry about the time limit

One of the things I was worried about before the tournament was the notion that each round would run at 75 minutes. This might sound generous but a lot of my games have run over that and others just weren’t timed at all. However I don’t think I had one game reach near to the end of the round and that possibly shows how much time is wasted around your kitchen counter in things like small talk, brakes and messing around. While the time limit was a problem for some if I had to do this over again I’d take more time with each piloting and action decision.

Pilot Skills matter

The pilot skill is a number on the card which determines when you move and when you shoot. The idea being that the higher your number the later you move in the moving phase and the sooner your shoot in the shooting phase. Both of the last two lists I’ve mentioned ran pilots with a lower skill than mine but were boosted to being above me thanks to equipped ability cards. The fact that both these players thought it was worth boosting their pilots and how useful I saw it can be, the idea being that if you can shoot me before I can even shoot back then well my now five shot rotating Heavy Laser Cannon doesn’t really matter.

A stronger two halves

With the Crow gone Dash wouldn’t get his extra attack dice. Or when the Crow was already stressed he wouldn’t get the extra shot or even if it was just a little too far away. The thing is this didn’t actually make that much difference so the question became why not swap it out for a ship that could add more by itself to the overall fight. I think the notion of a more modular ship list and looking at less of a unified list with abilities there for each other will be in mind for next time. In other words I should have stuck with my original plan of giving Kyle to the ace pilot from X-Wing and bringing a b-wing instead of a rust bucket.

Don’t count on Pilot abilities

I chose Dash because I can’t fly and he ignores any obstacles in my way meaning I didn’t have to learn. Both times he got a critical hit he got a different damage card that removed that ability. Mind you the Crow also got a critical hit and lost it’s new turret leaving it with a one shot straight forward. So maybe the real lesson to be leaned here is to not get a critical hit.

So any advice for me or for others? Tales to tell of your own first x-wing tournament? Leave them in the comments section below and as always………

“Keep your distance. But don’t look like your trying to keep your distance.”


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