What is wrong with disliking ‘The Last Jedi’?


There’s something I’ve noticed in nerd circles for a small while now. See we’re coming out of our Mum’s basements and some are even showering. We’re having to in order to see the new Marvel and Star Wars movies and in order to get close enough to get a picture of that smexy cosplayer so that we can put that picture on our facebook later and claim we made out with them. The other thing we’re learning in all this is to be nice. Just because someone hasn’t read all the comics we’re learning to let them in the theatre and even have the good seats if they’ve paid for them. I like to think that part of the reason for this is my “award winning” post on letting the newbs bring money and attention into our fandom so that we can get more cool stuff. The problem is that I worry we’re becoming too nice.

Okay so just like my last Star Wars review this isn’t an actual review of the movie in question, though there will be spoilers later on so be warned. The main reason for this not being one of my usual reviews is that I’m a little too late for that and I feel that most of what I want to say has already been said by someone better. Instead I want to talk about this feeling that we can’t call a turd a turd anymore that we have to like any “nerdy” movie that comes our way or we’ll be kicked out of the club. Now if you liked Last Jedi that’s cool, if you didn’t that’s cool too this post isn’t really about that. Kind of. Instead it’s about ‘The Last Jedi’, ‘Jurassic World’ and movies like, well, pretty much everything that comes out of DC right now.

See I wouldn’t consider it too controversial to say that movies like Batman v Superman were bad. They struggled to make their money back and struggled to win over the critics. Now I know that doesn’t always mean too much in this day and age but it feels like an unshocking statement to label them as poor movies with those two facts in my corner. Yet it feels that in some areas if I were to do so I’d get booted and booed; labelled a troll or worse. We’re so keen to include everyone these days that we can’t risk saying anything that might contradict what they think or feel. Think back to the days of the prequels or movies like ‘Star Trek V’. They were bad and they were labelled as such by the fans. We didn’t cling to unfunny reboots that spent all their time on the cast with nary a thought for the characters or script. We just moaned a lot and moved on. We didn’t defend them like a battered spouse saying how they slipped in the tub. And we certainly didn’t spouting tin foil hat style conspiracy theories about the Illuminati trying to keep comic book movies down for some reason as though they are just a bunch of over eager Marvel Zombies.

And why are we so eager to defend them like they need our help or all that much praise? Remember I’m not talking about Citizen Kane here or the Godfather; no I’m talking about Star Wars. A movie where a whiny kid waves around a light stick while talking about fantasy mumbo jumbo while stood in front a special effect that will age very badly by the time you come to show this movie to the next generation. Nor would this be the first bad ‘Bond’ or ‘Jurassic Park’ and both series have carried on especially in the modern day, creatively bankrupt, Hollywood.

Even if we were to say that at one point ‘Star Wars’ was some beacon of all that is good in story telling you can’t sit there and tell me this was a perfect film. That there isn’t enough there to warrant someone disliking it. Luke has gone from risking his life and the whole rebellion to save his father after sensing the smallest spark of good in him to trying to kill his own nephew, who he has actually known and grown up with, because the kid writes with his left hand.

While classic ‘Star Wars’ gave us shocking answers without any questions such as the revelation of Luke’s Daddy; the new saga is giving us questions and then finding themselves unable to come up with decent answers and so not even bothering to try for fear of having another Khan on their hands.

Who are Rey’s parents? Why was she dropped in the middle of the desert to fend for herself with some false promise of coming back for her one day

Who is Snoke, what are his ties to the Jedi and the Sith and how did he come to form the first order out of the ashes of the Empire. Never mind he’s dead now so get over it or as the movie puts it “let the past die.”

If you liked the movie then more power to you and I hope you get the third instalment you are after but just as I should sit and listen to you tell me how the movie is good you’ve also got to listen when I say it wasn’t without being written off as overly nostalgic and pinning for the Legends-verse. Other wise I’m just going to call you the cult of the new and not listen either and I think we can agree that it’s better we talk to each other than not and if we disagree then so be it, don’t sweat it, no worries. After all it’s just a movie after all.

3 thoughts on “What is wrong with disliking ‘The Last Jedi’?

  1. I’m so glad that you wrote this post, because I could not agree with you more. I just came from a blog that gave the movie a 10/10 score. I think it’s awesome that he liked the movie and as you say: power to him. However what annoyed me was a final disclaimer that said that it was ridiculous that the movie is getting so much hate and that there already is enough toxic fandom.
    This really made me mad. I have been a fan of Star Wars for over 25 years. I loved every movie to date (including the prequels). I loved the Clone Wars and am enjoying rebels as well. I have read countless novels and comics and have never said a single bad word about this franchise ever. Until now. I absolutely hated the Last Jedi. Exactly for the reasons you are pointing out here. It made no sense, it was filled with plotholes and it pretty much destroyed and ignored 40 years of Star Wars lore. As much as I hold this franchise close to my heart, I’m not going to sugar coat something just because it’s Star Wars. Why does that instantly make me a “toxic fan”. I always respect other people’s opinions. If there are people here that like it, i think that’s fantastic. But I really did not because for me it destroyed so many things that I loved 😢
    And as much as that breaks my heart, I feel like I really need to adress how I feel about that. If that is in some way wrong, than I’m truly sorry, but it’s how I feel about it. Needless to say I loved this post, and I totally agree with you 😀

    • I regret that I only have one star to give 😉
      As I say it seems to be a thing that has been building for a while now but Star Wars:TLJ is easily the worst offender for it I’ve seen with entire posts and threads given over to not reviewing the movie but getting in there early and saying that if you didn’t like it you are just pinning for the old universe without apparently hearing a single complaint anyone seems to be mentioning about the film. I only brought up a few of the obvious and major ones to get my point across that the movie wasn’t perfect to prove that it’s okay to not like the movie. It just feels that you don’t even have to hate it, just be meh and you are thrown on the trash heap.
      I like that the nerds have been cleaning house to make the place more open to everyone and I know that there will be angry trolls on the internet that hate this movie without knowing a thing about it but so far I haven’t seen any of them just a few like yourself who weren’t pleased with it for a few clearly thought out reasons and a lot of people shouting at them without hearing a word they’re saying.

      • I was a bit milder, I give it 4/10, but it was just a very bad movie.
        It’s exactly as you say, it seems as if people are not willing to listen to the arguments that are being pointed out. Nobody has to agree with points that are being made, that is for sure, but to dismiss them out of hand or accuse someone immediately of being a bad fan , it’s just a little bit shortsighted.
        But, looking at IMDB or on YouTube there are also a lot of people that agree with us. The film is gathering quite a lot of bad reviews now. It really is a sad thing, that is for sure. But it also pretty much points out that it simply isn’t a good film.

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