Firefly Adventures: Brigands and Browncoats, a review


For I am too lazy busy to get around to reviewing this one myself I shall let the guy who actually forked over the cash to get it do yet more of the work for me.


Twibz, the life and times.

Oh Lawdy this is a fun game.

BnB_Box_Square_v3.png SHINY

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One thought on “Firefly Adventures: Brigands and Browncoats, a review

  1. First off my only real complaint was the lack of missions. Yes I’m sure you can make your own but it felt very short service and I couldn’t help but feel like some had been held back for the expansions. IN a way the same goes for the crew. Now yes you can play the game out the box and you don’t need them but good look in trying to do talk checks without Inara or Book. Wash is your best bet and as the review said he isn’t great at it. However while we can justify the crew loss as keeping the plastic cost down and space in the box the lack of missions just felt cheap.

    What I love is the fact that there are talk checks. This, while still a board game that can be broken out with most groups, had more role playing in it than the d&d adventures like Legend of Drizzt. The tern tracker makes sense, is easy enough to follow and yet fairly unique in giving you the simple choice of doing a big action and waiting a while for your turn to come around or lots of little actions now. Likewise and I’m not entirely sold on this yet, on someone else’s turn you have the option of helping them pass dice rolls but it eats into your turn, meaning you are being a good team mate but you are pushing back your own go in the process. I may need more time to consider that.

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