My second ‘X-Wing Tournament’ Part 1


Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more………….


Last time I tried my hand at an x-wing tournament it didn’t go so well. Yet here I ready to try again. Maybe, it’s because I’m a glutton for punishment, maybe I’m a slow learner or maybe I’m just a rebel that way and………

So those who remember my last list may remember that it didn’t go so well. I flew two ships, one a rocking four shot ship called the Outrider and the other, a one shot ship called the Mouldy Crow. My call at the end was that the Crow let me down. My plan was to find Dash a better wing man. However what if I was wrong? What if Dash was the problem all along?

He has a well known doughnut hole and a problem with stress meaning that even with a boost and barrel roll he’s a fairly easy man to pin down. So the new list will see the Mouldy Crow getting a new wing man instead.

Kyle Katarn -21pts

Pulsed Ray Shiled -2pts

Blaster Turret -4pts

Moldy Crow -3pts

Recon Specialist -3pts

Total -33pts

This is a slightly slimmed down Hwk from last time due to swapping Jan for the face man Kyle Katarn. The bonus to Kyle is that he doesn’t get himself stressed giving me less to worry about, especially if people are going to be stressing me enough as it is (both in game and out). I could have gone for the shield upgrade but the Pulsed Ray Shield is cheaper and can in theory be used over and over with little more than an ion token. Now while this makes it easy to catch up with him as I found out with Ions last time his turrent runs at range one to two meaning that shouldn’t be a problem. I was also planning to have the slightly cheaper Jan Ors flying co-pilot on this job I traded up for a faceless Recon Specialist due to making sure I have enough focus tokens for my own needs and for the rest of the fleet especially if I’m jumped by an eager player early in the game. Speaking of which…….


Blue Squadron Pilot -22pts *3

Total -66 pts

One of the problems last game was the lack of dodge. Now I haven’t fixed that problem at all. But what I have done is split my one mega ship into three parts meaning that nobody can focus their fire on just one target. The b-wing is a fairly strong ship with eight hit points most of which are in shields making critical hits pointless for most of the game. They are also putting out three to four shots a round meaning that if I can line up all three you can have between nine and twelve shots raining down on you. They are also fairly nimble little things which aren’t too nippy meaning they won’t risk loosing their escort like Dash would.


Now the pilot skill grand total is quite low meaning that I doubt I’m going to be shooting first. The idea here is that each of the b-wings can take at least a couple of shots before going up in flames (hopefully) but also that typically while a normal person might see the eight of Dash Rendar as quite high in tournaments a good pilot skill starts at nine and goes up from there. This is a bidding war I’d rather not get into, instead spending those points on more stuff on the table. Stuff like the legendary Kyle Katarn.

So any advice for me or for others? Tales to tell of your own x-wing tournaments? Leave them in the comments section below. Remember to come back to find out how things went and as always………

“Keep your distance. But don’t look like your trying to keep your distance.”

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