My second ‘X-Wing Tournament’ part 2


Last time I went to a tournament it was at my flgs with a few mooks and a few ringers. I came fifth. Out of six. This time, it was a regional event with a former European champion in attendance. This was my second tournament of………….

So I put together what I hoped to be a fairly decent little list and went for gold. Of course my first opponent was said European heavy weight who went on to win the tournament.

He had Nym and Emon Azzameen. It was nice to see as this is scums attempt at a video game list with “Jedi Starfighter” and “X-wing Alliance”. Granted he had loaded them down with the meta of tlt’s, harpoons and a ton of bombs. In good news it wasn’t a ten minute white wash. In bad news it was probably about a thirty minute white wash.

Next up was one of the many, many Imperial players of the day with two ties, a reaper and Wedge’s brother in law. I won this one though considering Sooty wandered off at the start of the game to inspect the local asteroids I’m not exactly blowing my own horn.

Next up was team up of the First Order and the Empire in a fairly tight fight over a pretty dense asteroid field. This is one game where I was just outflown rather than loosing before the first dice was rolled so hats off to them. Though it is a win for me because while he might have claimed all hundred of my points I managed to get some of his.

Next up was my favourite round, lunch. Then came my worst round of the day with Countess and a Decimator that just started ramming my ships off the board. While a B-wing always has it’s party trick of a two flip to keep people on it’s toes the Countess out classes them with any number of flips that don’t even get a stress. Add in the Emperor and I got wiped out.

The final round had me going against Krennic and Soontir Fel again though this time they had the Inquisitor to round out their numbers rather than two tie fighter pilots. The b-wings pure fire power managed to take out most of his list leaving only a single b-wing and Soontir to have an epic dog fight through the asteroid field.

So how did I do. Well me and two others aimed to get out of the bottom three. I managed that. Just. Kyle kept his weapon and kept flying through most of the game and when he didn’t he managed to provide a distraction carnifex for the rest of the fleet leading them on a pretty decent chase through space. The Pulsed Ray Shield kept the ship flying far better than a extra shield would have done and due to have a limited range turret it didn’t hurt that people could keep up fairly easier. His recon specialist was the right choice as even with that he often ran a little low on focus tokens though when he didn’t it may have been because he was a little tight and didn’t always share when he should have. The b-wings heavy shield to hull ratio kept critical hits on the fleet to a minimum, they stayed in formation. Mostly.

Now what hurt me was the low pilot skill. There wasn’t that much jockeying for tier ten, eleven or twelve pilots meaning that someone like Wedge could have come in handy for my list. Likewise while the naked b-wings weren’t bad; something as simple as a fire control system would have helped them out for only two points each. Still looking back I think I liked this one better than the last tournament despite their being even less chance of me getting to the top. With more people there was a wider range of skill meaning you could get matched more evenly, more often, rather than forcing to fly against people way outside your skill range. Everyone was fairly friendly and relaxed.

They kept their distance but they didn’t look like they didn’t look like they were keeping their distance..

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